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By SPENCE PERRY | September 7, 2011
We had a visit from our son, Tom, a few days ago. We are always delighted when he can spend some time with us. Not only are his visits a sentimental occasion, when we remember and laugh at highly embarrassing moments from our mutual past, but this is when urgent technical needs are met. This is when batteries and bulbs are replaced, entertainment centers are reprogrammed and elderly parents are generally restored to the world of contemporary lives, to...
By JENNIFER FITCH | | February 2, 2011
The seasonally adjusted unemployment rates in both Franklin and Fulton counties improved in December, according to the latest data from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. The rate in Franklin County fell two-tenths of a percentage point in December to 8 percent. In Fulton County, the rate went from 13.1 percent in November to 12.8 percent in December. The labor department’s analysis stated Franklin County’s rate decreased one full percentage point since December 2009.
July 19, 2010
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama took aim at Republican lawmakers Monday, accusing them of holding the public hostage to Washington politics by blocking extended unemployment benefits for millions of out of work Americans. "It's time to do what's right, not for the next election, but for the middle class," Obama said in a presidential jawboning statement in the Rose Garden Monday morning. Lawmakers have battled for weeks over legislation extending unemployment benefits to workers who have been out of a job for long stretches of time.
By DON AINES | December 27, 1999
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Despite a surge in wholesale and retail jobs heading into the holidays, unemployment was up in both Franklin and Fulton counties in November, according to preliminary figures released today by the Pennsylvania Depatment of Labor and Industry. The jobless rate in Franklin County increased from 3.8 percent in October to 4.2 percent in November, the report said. In Fulton County the rate went from 3.3 percent to 3.7 percent. The number of non-farm jobs increased by 500 to 56,200.
By DON AINES | August 30, 2008
CHAMBERSBURG, PA. - Unemployment was unchanged at 4.3 percent in Franklin County for July and the jobless rate fell in Fulton County, although that number did not reflect JLG Industries layoffs that began in August, according to preliminary figures released Monday by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. The number of people working in Franklin County fell by 600 to 79,900, mostly the result of a fall in local and state government employment, led by school district and college personnel idled by summer vacations, said Ryan Horner, an industry and business analyst with the department.
December 31, 2009
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A record 20 million-plus people collected unemployment benefits at some point in 2009, a year that ended with the jobless rate at 10 percent. As the pace of layoffs slows, the number of new applicants visiting unemployment offices has been on the decline in recent months. But limited hiring means the ranks of the long-term unemployed continues to grow, with more than 5.8 million people out of work for more than six months. The number of new claims for jobless benefits dropped last week to 432,000, the Labor Department said Thursday, down sharply from its late March peak of 674,000.
By DON AINES | November 4, 2007
CHAMBERSBURG, PA. ? A moratorium on new sewer connections in the Chambersburg metropolitan area might have contributed to a dip in construction jobs in September. But the rest of Franklin County's economy continued to hum along as schools reopened, retail employment grew and unemployment fell, according to preliminary figures from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. The nonseasonally adjusted jobless rate for the county fell from 3.3 percent to 3 percent ? right where it was in September 2006, according to department statistics.
February 1, 2002
Staples lays off 25, but unemployment rates dip By STACEY DANZUSO CHAMBERSBURG, Pa . - Unemployment rates in Franklin County dipped in December, but another company announced the layoff of 25 workers this week. The national office supply chain Staples let go 25 employees at its Chambersburg distribution center Wednesday as part of a seasonal adjustment, said Deborah Hohler, a Staples spokeswoman. That leaves 179 workers at the distribution center, she said.
By DON AINES | | January 28, 2011
High unemployment, cold temperatures and declining federal allocations to the Maryland Energy Assistance Program could mean lower subsidies for the about 4,000 Washington County households seeking help with their heating bills this winter. Congress funded the federal Low Income Energy Assistance Program for fiscal 2010 at about $5 billion, resulting in $85 million for Maryland's energy assistance program, said David G. Jordan, executive director of the Washington County Community Action Council, which administers the program locally.
January 2, 2009
Coming Saturday Unemployment: How high is Washington County's jobless rate?
August 30, 2013
The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Franklin County, Pa., dropped 0.1 percent in July, according to the latest data from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. The rate stood at 6.4 percent. It included a reported loss of 700 jobs, largely due to the end of the academic year at public schools. In neighboring Fulton County, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased 0.3 percent to 9.1 percent, placing the county's unemployment higher than a year prior.
By KAUSTUV BASU | | July 26, 2013
Washington County's unemployment rate edged upward in June, the second straight month it has increased, state figures show. The county's unemployment rate in June was 8.5 percent, up slightly from 8.1 percent in May, according to statistics released Friday by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. The May numbers were an increase from April, when the unemployment rate was 7.8 percent. The county's June unemployment rate is higher than both the state and the national rates.
April 30, 2013
The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Franklin County, Pa., decreased two-tenths of a percentage point to 6.2 percent in March, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry announced Tuesday. Franklin County ranked sixth for the lowest unemployment rate among Pennsylvania's 67 counties. Neighboring Fulton County's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 8.9 percent. It ranked 54th among the counties. “Pennsylvania's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped two-tenths of a point to 7.9 percent, while the nation's rate went down one-tenth of a point to 7.6 percent,” labor department analysis stated.
By DON AINES | | March 22, 2013
The first unemployment report for Washington County in 2013 shows the jobless rate rose from 8.9 percent in December to 9.4 percent in January as the labor force added more than 2,800 people, according to preliminary figures released Friday by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. The number of people in the labor force - the combination of people working and seeking employment - rose from 69,060 in December to 71,893, the nonseasonally-adjusted report said. The number of people working was up from 62,907 in December to 65,155 in January, an increase of 2,248, the report said.
January 25, 2013
Washington County's unemployment rate rose to 8.9 percent in December, nearly a full percentage point above November's adjusted rate of 8.1 percent, according to state figures that were released Friday. The county's jobless rate was 8.8 percent at the same time last year. It was 10.3 percent in December 2010. In Washington County, a total of 69,060 people made up the labor force in December, according to the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation's website. Of that number, 6,153 were classified as unemployed in December, compared with 5,587 in November.
December 21, 2012
Maryland's preliminary unemployment rate dropped slightly in November, down 0.1 percent to 6.6 percent as compared to October's rate of 6.7, according to figures released Friday by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The state's rate checks in a full percent lower than the national rate of 7.7 percent for the month, a 0.2 percent drop from October's revised rate of 7.9 percent, figures show. As far as jobs, Maryland experienced “a smoothing out of recent hiring,” as November's preliminary numbers show a loss of 3,100 jobs, survey data shows.
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