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Tax Sale

October 3, 2011
Scheduled meetings this week of the Washington County Commissioners, Washington County Board of Education and Hagerstown Mayor and City Council: WASHINGTON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Board of Education 823 Commonwealth Ave., Hagerstown Tuesday, Oct. 4, 8:30 a.m. Agenda • 8:30 a.m.: Joint meeting with the Board of Education at 823 Commonwealth Ave., Hagerstown     (1) Fourth quarter (final) adjustments to Washington County Board of Education's FY2011 general fund budget     (2)
May 8, 2002
Two little lanterns replace lights at tavern The lights neighbors complained about at Pete's Tavern are gone. They were replaced by "two little lanterns" in April, Sharpsburg Town Attorney Charles Wagaman said. Wagaman said Monday night he still had to check to make sure the lights at the tavern on Main Street were satisfactory, but couldn't imagine they wouldn't be. The tavern is owned by Willis Baker and Councilman Ralph Hammond. Mumma House to be relisted with a Realtor There are no prospective buyers for the historic Mumma House so the Sharpsburg Town Council decided Monday night to relist with a Realtor.
By MATTHEW UMSTEAD | | December 8, 2010
A new agency charged with overseeing the cleanup of unsafe and unsightly structures in Berkeley County recommended the citation of five troubled properties Wednesday in the first of what could be a wider crackdown. After hearing presentations about the deteriorated condition of properties along Opequon Lane, Trough Hill Road, Mish Road, Misty Drive and W.Va. 901, the Safe and Clean County Enforcement Agency agreed with Berkeley County Code Enforcement/Litter Control Officer Donna Seiler’s request to issue citations.
by PEPPER BALLARD | January 24, 2005 In its late-19th century heyday, The Baldwin House, site of the new University System of Maryland at Hagerstown, was a hotel trimmed with elegance. But after a 1914 fire, the hotel fizzled, changed hands and later became a hot potato for city officials and developers drumming up ideas for the decaying space. It had been more than 100 years since The Baldwin House opened its doors, but by the mid-1990s, the once-rich brick building was described as "Hagerstown's largest eyesore.
By ARNOLD S. PLATOU | | March 10, 2013
Ten years ago, Washington County government signed the first of five agreements to lease land at Hagerstown Regional Airport to developer David Rider. At his own expense, Rider erected four aircraft hangars and a three-story office building he now leases for profit to other businesses, all while thinking the county had pledged in its land lease agreements it would never tax the properties. But it appears nobody ever told the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation that the buildings on county land were being used for profit.
May 26, 2010
"Could you please tell me, is there not any other area in Washington County other than Robinwood Drive? You know, you have all the businesses, all the housing, you have the Robinwood Medical Center, you have the new hospital, you have an elementary school, you have a primary school being built, they're going to build a senior center at HCC. It was in the paper the other day, beside HCC they want to buy the land and build a high school, and now they...
May 27, 2013
“I don't know where people get their crazy ideas, but landlords are not responsible for underage drinking, or drunks laying in their units. The tenants are responsible for themselves. Do you want a landlord to say in the lease that a tenant can't drink? Also, bedbugs don't start in an empty apartment. A tenant brings them in, and it costs the landlord thousands of dollars to get rid of them. People blame the landlord for everything. Don't tenants have any responsibility?” - Boonsboro “Every day, we hear from the news media about the 2014 elections.
By ARNOLD S. PLATOU | August 8, 2009
HAGERSTOWN -- One of Hagerstown's largest hotels came close to foreclosure last week. On Friday, Bahman Inc., which owns the Hagerstown Hotel & Convention Center, worked out a tentative deal with BB&T, the lender, to head off a foreclosure auction scheduled for Monday, according to Roy Arnold, the hotel's director of sales. "As it stands, there will be no sale," Arnold said Friday evening. During an earlier interview, before the tentative agreement, Arnold said, "This is a very big opportunity for us to continue to operate and operate in a manner in which this town is accustomed.
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