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Substitute Teacher

November 24, 2004
Why Democrats have jumped ship To the editor: Now that the election is over the pundits are still trying to figure out how and why it happened like it did. As a registered moderate-conservative Democrat of 49 years I have to say: "My hat is off to President Bush. " The man was blamed for just about everything from the Florida hurricanes to the collapse of Yankees in the ACLS. He certainly had a steep mountain to overcome: George Soros' millions, Michael Moore's propaganda movie, Dan Rather and CBS News, 60 Minutes, ABC News, NBC News, CNN, The New York Times, The LA Times, the Boston Globe, and of course "The Boss" and the Hollywood crowd, MoveOn.
August 13, 2006
Katie Deuell Katie Deuell, 24, of Martinsburg, W.Va., is a recent graduate of Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, W.Va. She majored in elementary education, and will teach first grade at Williamsport Elementary School. This will be Deuell's first year teaching, and she said she has been busy setting up her classroom and getting ready for her students. She will have 20, she said. "I love kids, and the feeling you be a bigger part of their whole picture," Deuell said.
December 6, 1996
By DAVID DISHNEAU Associated Press Writer FREDERICK, Md. - Frederick County votes Republican. Bob Dole for president. Roscoe Bartlett for Congress. Seven of its eight state legislators are Republicans. So are four of its five county commissioners. It's a GOP stronghold - except for the school board. There is just one Republican among its seven members, all of whom were appointed by Democratic governors. School board appointments are supposedly nonpartisan but some local Republicans don't believe it. They want to change their school board to an elected body.
By JENNIFER FITCH | January 28, 2008
Editor's note: This is the sixth in a continuing series of stories exploring the workings of a modern-day classroom. The Herald-Mail is spending parts of the 2007-08 school year visiting with and writing about a fifth-grade classroom at Fairview Elementary School in the Waynesboro (Pa.) Area School District. For today's story, staff writer Jennifer Fitch shadowed teacher Bobbi Blubaugh for a day earlier this month. WAYNESBORO, Pa. - She's the voice of J.K. Rowling's Hermione.
By CRYSTAL SCHELLE | | April 10, 2013
On weekends when most 10-year-olds were riding bikes and playing in dirt, three Waynesboro, Pa., boys were making movies. Today, as adults, William Derrick, his brother, Thomas Derrick, and their childhood friend, Mitch Walck, are still making movies under the shingle of Indiendo Productions. “We were always making videos,” said William Derrick, 26, of Waynesboro. “And that's just sort of how, with our age and as we grew and matured, our passion for filmmaking and the way that we made films did as well.
by BOB MAGINNIS | November 11, 2003
When Donna Pile-Allen retired from the Washington County school system in June of 2002, she told The Herald-Mail's Pepper Ballard that when the next school year began she'd be sitting on the beach reading a novel and listening to the surf. But a combination of circumstances brought her back to the classroom where she's once again used the experiences of America's veterans to teach students how to write and research, as they learn about the sacrifices made by men and woman in uniform.
September 11, 2007
"Fingerprinting of a child is always a good idea. My sister had her babies fingerprinted in case of kidnap. I commend the teachers anywhere for choosing a field that pays far less than other avenues they could have taken for their time and money on college. Takes a certain kind of person, with patience, to teach. " - Hagerstown "I just received a permission slip for my two children to go on a field trip to D.C. The cost per child is $25 to pay for their ticket, the bus, and get this, the substitute teacher that has to come in for the kids not going on the trip.
by JANE SCHMIDT | May 9, 2006
May celebrations There is a lot going on this month! This week is Teacher and School Staff Appreciation Week - be sure to take this opportunity to do something nice for your child's teachers and staff members and let them know how much their hard work and dedication in educating our children is noticed and appreciated. Having been a substitute teacher for three years now, I can honestly say from first-hand experience that teachers have an extremely tough job - so please take time this week to say a heart-felt thank you for all their hard work.
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