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Law Enforcement

By KAUSTUV BASU | | March 20, 2013
An operation by Maryland State Police near Sharpsburg last year prompted two Washington County legislators to introduce a bill during the current session of the Maryland General Assembly requiring the chief of the primary law enforcement agency in a county to be notified before an officer from another agency serves a warrant in areas within a county's jurisdiction. That bill died in committee, but the two legislators behind that bill - Del. Neil C. Parrott, R-Washington, and Sen. Christopher B. Shank, R-Washington - are supporting another bill with amendments they say would achieve some of the same objectives.
By DAN DEARTH | | March 15, 2013
Law enforcement agencies said they intend to step up patrols to keep the roadways safe over the St. Patrick's Day weekend. Maryland State Police, the Washington County Sheriff's Office and the Hagerstown Police Department said the patrols will focus on heavily traveled areas and spots where alcohol-related accidents are common. “We are having additional people out this weekend, but particularly on St. Patrick's Day,” state police Lt. Tom Woodward said. “We have an obligation to be out there.
By KAUSTUV BASU | | March 14, 2013
Top law enforcement officials from Washington County testified Thursday in support of a bill that would give authority to the sheriff to appoint municipal law enforcement officers as special sheriff's deputies. Thursday's hearing for House Bill 559 was at the House Environmental Matters Committee and was attended by Sheriff Douglas W. Mullendore, Hagerstown Police Chief Mark Holtzman and Smithsburg Police Chief George Knight. A senate committee had a similar hearing for a cross-filed version of the bill in February.
By MATTHEW UMSTEAD | | March 14, 2013
Police shot a Virginia man multiple times during an altercation with police in downtown Martinsburg Wednesday night along Queen Street, the city's police department announced Thursday afternoon. Wayne Arnold Jones, 50, of Stephens City, Va., was pronounced dead at the scene in the 100 block of Queen Street, police said in a news release. Police said they used projectile stun guns twice on the man and he was later shot after stabbing an officer in the torso with a knife. The officer's stab wound was later determined to be minor, and he did not need medical attention, police said.
By RICHARD F. BELISLE | | March 5, 2013
Peter Dougherty, president of the Jefferson County Board of Education, Tuesday was appointed to replace ousted Jefferson County Sheriff Bobby Shirley on a 3-2 vote following public interviews. Jefferson County Commission members Walter Pellish, Dale Manuel and Patsy Noland voted for Dougherty. Commissioners Jane Tabb and Lyn Widmyer went for retired Charles Town Police Chief Louis Brunswick. Steve Groh, an assistant county prosecutor, the third candidate interviewed Tuesday, received no votes.  The three candidates were singled out for interviews from an original list of 16 applicants.
By JENNIFER FITCH | | February 27, 2013
These are challenging times for the Mercersburg Police Department. Residents and businesspeople have filled meeting rooms to air grievances about commercial truck inspections, officers' community involvement and accusations of police tailing drivers without cause. The Mercersburg Borough Council developed a new committee and invited Tuscarora Area Chamber of Commerce involvement to look at the issues. At the helm of the police department are Mercersburg Mayor James C. Zeger and Police Chief John D. Zechman.
February 18, 2013
Letter writer confused 'military' with 'militia' To the editor: This letter is in response to one written by Jim Thompson of Chambersburg, Pa., that appeared in The Herald-Mail on Feb. 8. Thompson started out just fine with his “dictionary.” But I would suggest that he do two things: Look up the word “arms” and read the Second Amendment. The first definition of “arms” is “weapons” - period. Secondly, the word “military” is not mentioned in the Second Amendment.
February 13, 2013
A bill that would enhance penalties for adults who physically attack and/or harm minors unanimously passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives this week. House Bill 350 was authored by state Rep. Todd Rock, R-Franklin. The measure was drafted by Rock based on the recommendations of the Pennsylvania Task Force on Child Protection that was created by the Pennsylvania General Assembly in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal, according to a news release. If signed into law, anyone 18 years of age or older who causes bodily injury to a child younger than 12 could be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor.
By MATTHEW UMSTEAD | | February 8, 2013
Patricia Greenlee never thought she would be a victim of domestic violence. She never witnessed a domestic violence in her life. Her parents had been married for 52 years, and she and her four siblings all were college educated. “I always thought that those people who didn't have as much education, who didn't live in good neighborhoods were those who dealt with domestic violence,” Greenlee told Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., and more than 30 others gathered Friday near Martinsburg for a discussion on the issue and the Violence Against Women Act now pending in Congress.
By KAUSTUV BASU | | February 5, 2013
A bill introduced in the Senate in the current session of the Maryland General Assembly seeks to broaden the scope of a protective order, to better protect those in or formerly in intimate relationships from domestic violence. Sen. Christopher B. Shank, R-Washington, introduced a version of the bill in 2012 but he said that even though the bill last year had some “general support, the language of the bill needed to be worked out.” Shank has been speaking out for the need to expand the definition of a protective order, which currently is restricted, among others, to married couples, those who have a child together or those who are living together.
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