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By JULIE E. GREENE | | October 9, 2011
Durango trotted up to the 2-foot-high bar, clearing it and, two seconds later, a second bar. Atop the 15-year-old bay paint was Anna Foss, 11, the only competitor Sunday in the open hunter hack 2-foot class at Blue Ridge Riding Club. “It's fun 'cause it's like flying,” Anna said of jumping with Durango. She and the horse have been together for about two years, and have started jumping more, said Anna, who lives in Shepherdstown, W.Va. Sunday's show was the last of the season for the riding club, on Mapleville Road north of Boonsboro, Club Treasurer Sherry Olden said.
September 23, 2011
 Horses and fun were on the agenda at the Sept. 17 Open Fun Show sponsored by Saddles 'n' Spurs 4-H Club of Washington County. The day started off with two walk-trot divisions. One rider, Ocoee Chapelle, said, "I've been looking forward to it ever since my riding instructor told me in May that I would be good enough to do it by now. So my goal was to work towards it and showing. " He said "the water carry was my favorite challenge because it's hard to steer your horse with one hand.
September 22, 2011
The Washington County Horse Council will present its dressage horse show Saturday, Oct. 15, at 9 a.m. at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center off Sharpsburg Pike in Boonsboro.   The Ag Center has new all-weather footing, standards, parking and restrooms. There will be no grounds fee.   The public is invited. A photographer and food service will be on site. Classes cost $12 each, and the registration deadline is Oct. 10.  For more information, call 301-432-4782 or go to
By TIM ROWLAND | September 14, 2011
As you might be are aware, I measure society by the quality of our television commercials, and I regret to tell you that we appear to be entering a time of great uncertainty. I fear that the halcyon days of “Try it, you'll like it” and  “Where's the beef” may be gone forever as we stumble down a path of national and commercial darkness. It's not just that creativity is lacking, it's that the advertising field as a whole seems to be operating at an intelligence level normally associated with dairy cattle.
September 9, 2011
The Open Fall Fun Show sponsored by Saddles and Spurs 4-H Club will be today at 9 a.m. at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center off Sharpsburg Pike. Several activities are planned, including open classes for all ages; equitation, pleasure, timed and trail events; team relay activities; water carry; and cake walk. Helmets and boots are required for all events. The center has new all-weather footing, new jumps and standards, parking and public restrooms. There is no grounds fee.    For more information, call Leslie Hart at 301-432-4782, send an email to or go to .
By DAN KAUFFMAN | | August 18, 2011
Morgan Nicholas' Christmas gift could give her a world championship in a few short weeks. Nicholas, a 10-year-old girl who lives in Hagerstown, will ride Paradigm Pageantry - a horse her parents, Paul and Heather Nicholas, bought for her last Christmas - at the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show in Oklahoma City from Oct. 8-15. “It's a family investment, but it was a present at Christmas time and it's been good,” Heather Nicholas said. “We did it kind of like a surprise party.
By DON AINES | | August 13, 2011
Maria Vogel was rockin' in the saddle Saturday at an age when many folks are rockin' a chair. The 65-year-old Adamstown, Md., woman was awaiting her turn to joust at Fairplay Days at Old Tilghmanton Tournament Woods, mounted upon Fadjur, a 26-year-old Arabian. "My obituary will read, 'The oldest novice in the history of the sport,'" joked Vogel, who competes using the moniker "Maid of Visa. " "Like the credit card," Vogel said. "Charge, Maid of Visa," tournament announcer Linda Minnick said over the public address system.
August 11, 2011
The Washington County Horse Council will present an open horse show Saturday at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center off Sharpsburg Pike. Shows are open to riders of all ages and skill levels. Registration begins at 8 a.m. The trail course is set up outside the ring. Division specifications have changed to allow each rider a chance to participate in more classes than ever. Classes cost $6 each, and there is a discount for registered 4-H members. The public is invited to watch and attend the free event.
August 5, 2011
Animal control officers this week removed eight horses from a home in the Bedington, W.Va., area due to suspected malnutrition, the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office said in a press release Friday. Three of the eight horses had “little ones” that were also taken to allow continued nursing, the press release said. Animal control officers discovered the horses' condition during a routine inspection, when they also found food and water at “questionable levels,” police alleged.
July 29, 2011
The Maryland Horse Industry Board will accept grant applications for nonprofit research, educational and promotional equine activities starting Monday. The board will award more than $20,000 in grants that support or develop new opportunities for Maryland's horse industry. Applications must be received by Sept. 30.   Funding for the board and its grants comes from the Maryland Feed Fund, which collects $6 on every ton of horse feed sold in Maryland. Since the fund was established in 2002, the board has awarded nearly $200,000 in grants to more than 175 projects in Maryland.
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