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Jake Womer | February 18, 2012
The doctor is in. At least he will be beginning Monday. Seven weeks after being removed from The Herald-Mail's comics pages, “Rex Morgan” is being brought back for publication seven days a week. His return is a response to reader feedback following a major overhaul of the comics pages. On Jan. 2, we cut in half the number of comics that The Herald-Mail publishes in its Monday through Saturday editions. Before October 2007, we published The Daily Mail with one page of comics daily and The Morning Herald with an entirely different page of daily comics.
By CRYSTAL SCHELLE | | February 5, 2012
OK, so maybe your invitation to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences got lost in the mail this year. But you've paid your money, watched the films, then later picked them apart scene by scene with family and friends. So what if you don't get a chance to vote for the actual prizes? But you get something they don't - a chance to walk away with $50 for picking the winners. The Herald-Mail is sponsoring its ninth Oscar Picks Contest, where movie fans get a chance to select who will walk away with the top prize in 10 categories.
Liz Thompson | February 4, 2012
Some subjects are so interesting, or so important or so entertaining, that you just want to keep talking about them. We developed a new program around that concept, and you can get a sneak peek at the show on our website. We're introducing the new show on Cable Channel 30 on Friday, Feb. 17. Called HM Newsmakers, the show will air on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. each day.  You can see the premier edition of HM Newsmakers on our website now at
By CHRIS COPLEY | | February 1, 2012
You've got friends and family invited for the big game on Sunday. What will you serve? Well, it's a pretty good bet that at least a couple guests will want something spicy - chicken wings, nachos, chili, you know the list. But not all hot sauces are the same. Some are mild, some very hot, some thin, some thick. With that in mind, The Herald-Mail Lifestyle Department hosted a "blind" hot sauce-tasting this week. Six volunteers tasted six commercial hot sauces. The sauces were not identified until after the tasters were done sampling.
By HEATHER KEELS | | January 23, 2012
On Jan. 31, The Herald-Mail will begin charging for some of the content on its website, , Publisher Andy Bruns said. The website will have a "meter" that allows each user 15 premium page views for free every 30 days. After passing the limit of 15 page views, the user will be asked to purchase an online subscription to view additional premium content. The subscription will grant unlimited access to content on . "Simply put, I don't know what business can spend millions of dollars doing something and then give that product away for free, and survive," Bruns said.
January 1, 2012
Sometimes it takes a little glass to create a window of recognition. Howard S. Kaylor has never sought the spotlight, content instead to, along with his wife, Anne, quietly spread a legacy of care and support throughout the community. His generosity has touched all demographics and social strata, from the symphony to The Salvation Army. This year, however, his latest contribution - $1 million toward a fine glass atrium spanning the courtyard of the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts - was hard to overlook.
Meg Partington | December 3, 2011
With only three weeks until Christmas and 16 days until the start of Hanukkah, we are officially in the heat - or shall I say glow? - of the holiday season. It's a tradition-filled time of year.   Families adorn their homes with decorations passed down through generations or collected over the years. Ovens and stoves emit smells of treasured holiday recipes sweet and savory. The shopping frenzy is in full swing as people strive to find gifts that will make lasting impressions.
November 23, 2011
With holiday specials and football games scheduled all day on TV and plenty of catching up to do with friends and relatives, there's usually no lack of activities on Thanksgiving. But if the TV becomes boring or you're all gabbed out, print out The Herald-Mail's “Thanksgiving Feast” game board and find a die to roll. You'll have some fun and learn a little about the harvest celebration shared in autumn of 1621 by the Puritan colonists and the Wampanoag Indians. Happy Thanksgiving!
By HEATHER KEELS | | November 9, 2011
The Herald-Mail is getting rid of its press equipment, but the company has no plans to move from its downtown building, Publisher Andy Bruns said this week. Instead, the company is interested in finding a tenant for the three-story, glass-enclosed space built to showcase the now-idle press, Bruns said. Since the end of March, The Herald-Mail has been printed on the press at The Frederick-News Post. Press removal began at the beginning of October and is expected to wrap up by the end of the year, Bruns said.
October 3, 2011
A Herald-Mail delivery car struck a utility pole on Frederick Street just north of Funkstown on Monday morning, Deputy First Class Jay Mills of the Washington County Sheriff's Office said. Nobody was injured, Mills said. The driver, who had been delivering newspapers overnight, was traveling southbound when the vehicle ran off the road and hit the utility pole, according to Mills. "There were still papers in the car when I got here," Mills said. Another Herald-Mail employee came by and picked the driver up, Mills said.
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