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April 11, 2011
“It’s so obvious that God loves humor and laughter. He put it in us, so I imagine God himself loves a good laugh. After all, it has been proven that laughter is good for our health and our spirit. So here’s a joke for the day. No one be offended — it’s just a joke. Here’s the joke: You want to make God laugh? Make a plan.” — Clear Spring “Joke of the day: Latest news is that President Obama is starting his next campaign for the presidency within the next three weeks.
By ALEXANDRA CANTONE | September 4, 2007
Creating art is a form of expressing yourself - a way to be yourself no matter what the public thinks. On July 9, I went to "Something Earthy," a two-week art camp in Damascus, Md. My good friend Sarah Ganassa's aunt owns the studio at which the camp took place. Sarah's family invited both Sarah and me to stay at their house for the two weeks. Throughout the camp, we learned many things, from centering clay on the wheels to creating tabletop fountains. The first day, I walked through the door and saw a very tranquil setting.
August 15, 2002
"I just wanted to thank Mr. Hetzer's Company for doing a fantastic and excellent job on Broadfording Road. " "I wanted to voice my opinion about what happened to that man at City Park. Mr. High, I was noplace near there, but if I would have been working at the concession stand, not only would you have gotten water, but I would have bought a bottle of water myself. I would never have refused you water. I don't care if I would have lost my job there, I would have given the water to you. " "Hold on to your seats Hagerstown residents, because it looks like its going to be another hazy, hot and humid week.
BY CHRIS COPLEY | June 30, 2002 When it comes to aging, the truth is not comforting: we will all grow older and eventually die. We try to hide aging with Botox injections. We try to fight aging with vitamin E supplements or wrinkle creams and now hucksters are promising customers can turn back the clock with human growth hormone injections. These treatments are becoming so popular that 51 scientists who research human aging have issued a warning: "No currently marketed intervention - none - has yet been proved to slow, stop or reverse human aging.
October 6, 2009
Washington County Board of Education member Ruth Anne Callaham chats with Matthew Hamilton Tuesday after a new cafeteria was dedicated at Fountain Rock Elementary School. Matthew is an eighth-grade student at Springfield Middle School. As a fifth-grad student at Fountain Rock, he lobbied the Washington County Commissioners for a new cafeteria.
August 21, 2006
17145 Lappans Road Hagerstown Principal: Archibald Van Norden Phone: 301-766-8146 Fax: 301-223-5759 Web site: Start time: 7:35 a.m. Dismissal: 2:05 p.m. Grades: K-5 Date of construction: 1970 Age of building: 36 years Size of building: 53,406 square feet State-rated capacity: 298 Projected 2006-07 enrollment: 362 From the principal Q. What are the biggest challenges this year?
by BOB MAGINNIS | May 28, 2006
If you're like me, much of what you do on the Internet involves deleting messages from people trying to trick you into looking at their pitches for stocks, low-interest mortgage loans and various "personal enhancement" products. But recently I got an insight from someone hundreds of miles away, who has, without my knowledge, been reading my stuff online. In this case it was a man named Paul Marshall, of Wayne County, Ohio, who wanted me to do a follow-up on a column I did in April on local sewer capacity.
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