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February 17, 2012
Hagerstown Community College's Continuing Education and Community Services Division will offer a new workshop series titled “Designing With Style” on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. beginning Feb. 21 and ending March 13. Taught by Vickie Hrabal, owner of Oak Hill Interior Design, the workshop series will include tips for a variety of interior design projects, including window treatments and bathroom and kitchen remodeling, as well as information on...
By MARIE GILBERT | | February 13, 2012
There are no swift foot-in-the-belly kicks, no black belts or hand-striking blows. But make no mistake. This is an ancient Chinese martial art. Hands and feet glide in choreographed sequences, there are movements with names like Embrace Tiger and an emphasis on mind-body connections. But unlike its original intention of self-defense, this is a kinder, gentler version  -   a cross between shadow boxing and slow-motion ballet. This is tai chi. And in this case, it's geared specifically to the older adult.
December 27, 2011
Truck drivers in Maryland now have designated places to stop during snowstorms. Six park-and-ride lots across the state have been selected as emergency lots for truck drivers going through Maryland by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA), and the I-95 Corridor Coalition, according to a press release from the Maryland State Highway Administration's website, . These lots will be cleared for truck drivers to park during snowstorms of six inches or more.
By HEATHER KEELS | | December 4, 2011
Call it a case of multiple personalities. In some ways, Hagerstown Community College's new “energy house” will be the epitome of green living, complete with roof-mounted solar panels, a retractable wind turbine and a geothermal heat pump. But it will also feature some decidedly ungreen features: areas with low-efficiency windows, incandescent lights and poor insulation. The result will be a training lab where students in HCC's alternative energy technology program can learn not only about cutting-edge alternative energy systems, but also how to measure and improve the energy efficiency of typical, ordinary homes, alternative energy technology program coordinator Anthony R. Valente said.
By DAN DEARTH | | November 30, 2011
Maryland's prison chief said this week that a reorganization of the state prison system will reduce recidivism and improve the way inmates re-enter society upon their release. Gary D. Maynard, secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, said Wednesday that part of the reorganization involves incarcerating prisoners in the same region where they committed their crimes. "Offenders that come into the system stay in that region, and when they re-enter they stay in that region," Maynard said in a telephone interview.
By JENNIFER FITCH | | November 7, 2011
The Washington Township Supervisors voted Monday to spend $4,000 to have a design for a planned bike track done by a BMX expert. The supervisors voted 4-1 to spend $4,000 for a design by pumptrack, BMX and mountain biking author Lee McCormack. That track could someday be built near an existing skatepark at Pine Hill Regional Recreation Area off Mentzer Gap Road. “I'd hate to spend $4,000 on a design and put it in a drawer and never use it,” said Stephen Kulla, chairman of the supervisors.
By ANDREW SCHOTZ | | October 30, 2011
The best-laid plans can go haywire when the power goes out. That was a painful lesson on Sunday for graphic design students trying feverishly to design an image for a client. Teams from Hagerstown Community College, Frederick (Md.) Community College, Kaplan University in Hagerstown and Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, W.Va., competed in what was called a “MockUP.” The contest was a compressed exercise in creativity and design. After getting information about a client - the Washington County Association of Museums and Historical Sites - students had several hours to create a logo and a look for the client's printed and electronic materials.
By JANET HEIM | | August 31, 2011
After about 18 months of design and construction work and securing the required permits, the wind turbine at Washington County Technical High School was installed on the school's property on Wednesday. Tech High Principal Jeffrey Stouffer said in a phone interview that the turbine is ready to operate and will begin generating electricity when the wind speed reaches 7 mph. The Skystream 3.7 features a 45-foot pole with 6-foot fiberglass reinforced composite tri-blade, Stouffer said.
By HEATHER KEELS | | August 30, 2011
The Washington County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to implement a stimulus program aimed at making it easier for developers to create "pad-ready" sites for commercial and industrial uses. Under the two-year program, projects to bring undeveloped commercial and industrial sites to pad-ready status will be granted priority plan review, deferment of county fees and a real-estate tax credit once a building is constructed. Sites for shopping centers and "big box" retailers are excluded from the program.
August 1, 2011
Students in the Web and Multimedia Program at Hagerstown Community College recently completed the design for the Women in Maryland Higher Education web site. According to HCC Web and Multimedia Technology Instructor Sean Maher, each spring, students in the Web Server Administration course are charged with the task of creating, designing and implementing a new web site for an outside nonprofit organization or local business. This year, students worked with Jennifer Haughie, HCC director, admissions, records and registration, to create a new web site for the Women in Maryland Higher Education organization.
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