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by JAKE WOMER | July 18, 2004
If we have our way here at The Herald-Mail, the streets of Hagerstown will be a little more crowded in the coming weeks. It's almost time for the eighth annual landmarks contest. Each year, clues are published in the newspaper, and contestants test their knowledge of the city in a scavenger-hunt mode. Participants have to get out and really see the downtown area to spot photographic clues. Last year's contest drew some readers outdoors with clipboards and a load of determination.
By JAKE WOMER | August 5, 2007
If you are trekking around in this heat, I salute you. I hope to be somewhere air-conditioned, but The Herald-Mail is serving up some motivation for intrepid souls to venture outside. The newspaper's 11th annual Landmarks Contest kicked off July 29, and the grand prize is $500. It's a contest and a sort of unstructured fitness program. The contest goes like this: Ten photographic clues were printed in last Sunday's paper along with an entry blank. The clues are close-up images of distinct parts of buildings, structures, parking lots and athletic fields or courts.
by JAKE WORMER | August 3, 2003
We asked for two things last week in Lifestyle - read The Herald-Mail and get out to really see Hagerstown. For the seventh annual landmarks contest, we raised the stakes. Contestants needed to check out six newspapers for all the clues. In return, the winner will receive $500, up from $100 in 2002. We published photographic clues from buildings and structures throughout Hagerstown. All clues are visible from the street. They are not historic landmarks, but they are relatively distinct parts of the downtown area.
by JAKE WOMER | July 26, 2005
We have a $500 reason for you to check out downtown Hagerstown. That's the prize for The Herald-Mail's ninth annual landmarks contest. Through Friday, we will publish photographic clues for recognizable spots in Hagerstown. The 10 clues can be spotted within three blocks north, south, east or west of Hagerstown's Public Square. They are not historic landmarks, but they are relatively distinct parts of the downtown area. We will publish close-up images of buildings, structures, walls, gates - just about anything that's a fixture - in the designated part of Hagerstown.
By JULIE E. GREENE | August 31, 2008
Our changes to The Herald-Mail's annual Landmarks contest this year didn't throw too many people for a loop. Out of 137 entries, 91 entries found all 13 landmark clues, which were letters this year, and unscrambled the letters correctly to spell Elizabethtown, the first tiebreaker. When Jonathan Hager founded Hagerstown in 1762, he named the town for his late wife, Elizabeth. Kristi Gee won $300 and bragging rights for winning The Herald-Mail's 12th annual Landmarks contest when her entry was randomly drawn from all the correct answers.
By CHRIS COPLEY | | July 29, 2011
This year's Landmarks contest might not be a walk in the park. But it might be like a stroll in the garden. A garden of clues, that is. The Herald-Mail's 15th annual Landmarks contest is set in Funkstown this year, and all clues are plant related. Identify the answers to our 10 clues and you might win $300. As in years past, this year's clues are closeup photos of buildings or structures. All clues are visible from public sidewalks or streets in the city of Funkstown (for boundaires, see map)
By TIFFANY ARNOLD | August 29, 2009
o Clues and answers from the 13th annual Herald-Mail Landmarks contest SHARPSBURG -- The "stinkin' hot" days Janet Williams and her son, Roger Williams, endured at Antietam National Battlefield paid off. Literally. As the first-prize winners of The Herald-Mail's 13th annual Landmarks Contest, Janet and Roger Williams will receive $300. "Our luck's usually not like that," said first-time entrant Janet Williams, 68, a retired nurse who lives in Sharpsburg.
July 31, 2007
The Herald-Mail's annual Landmarks Contest kicked off Sunday. The boundaries for this year's contest are Hagerstown's Fairgrounds Park, which includes Reed Playground, the American Little League field across Valley Road and the Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex area. Fairgrounds Park is bordered by Mulberry Street, Cannon Avenue, Cleveland Avenue and Security Road. Ten photographic clues were published in Sunday's Herald-Mail. Identify the images and fill in the entry blank from the same paper for a chance to win $500.
August 2, 2010
It's a safari adventure. There are "animals" hidden in downtown Hagerstown, and we're asking our readers to track them down for The Herald-Mail's 14th annual Landmarks Contest. All of the "animals" in question are not real but, instead, hidden in everyday signage, buildings and other stationary objects in downtown Hagerstown. The most successful tracker to correctly identify all 10 clues will win $300 along with bragging rights. How to enter All of the clues are located within three blocks from the Public Square in downtown Hagerstown.
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