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Christmas Eve

December 19, 2011
Mount Vernon Reformed United Church of Christ in Keedysville invites the community to a Christmas Eve service for family, friends, neighbors and their pets. The service will be Saturday. The church doors open at 4:30 p.m. and the service begins at 5 p.m. The church staff asks that pets be on a leash or in a pet carrier, and under the owner's complete control. Each dog and cat will receive an animal goody bag and a holiday scarf to celebrate the season. Refreshments will be served following the service.
December 16, 2011
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Services A special section for religious services on Christmas Eve will be published Thursday, Dec. 22. Services on Christmas Day will be published Saturday, Dec. 24. Items for both may be submitted at any time until Wednesday, Dec. 22, at noon. Notices already submitted need not be repeated. Submit items to Battlefield Bible Church, the Christmas story will be presented at 10:30 a.m. Sunday.
December 2, 2011
The Rev. Tom Claggett is no stranger to the Brunswick area. A descendent of the first Episcopal bishop of Maryland, Claggett resides on a farm that has been in his family since 1793. He is a native son of St. Mark's Parish, which includes Grace Episcopal Church in Brunswick. When Bishop Eugene Sutton assigned Claggett to Grace, it was more like a homecoming. Claggett splits his ministry between Grace and St. Paul's in Point of Rocks, Md.   The church also has welcomed the Rev. Anjel Scarborough, who will serve the parish.
May 16, 2011
It’s the Christmas decorations, stupid. Here we’ve all been fretting and wringing our hands over government spending, trying to figure out how to cut millions and billions and trillions (oh, my) from bloated public budgets, when the answer was sliding down the chimney right in front of us. According to a report in The Herald-Mail on the City of Hagerstown’s efforts to control spending, City Council Member Forrest Easton “suggested the city cut unallocated expenditures and expenditures on Christmas decorations …” Oh holy night, Batman, there’s a line item I bet you didn’t see coming.
By JANET HEIM | | March 24, 2011
As a volunteer at Western Maryland Hospital Center for about 10 years, Barbara "Barb" Jacob knew Linn Hendershot and his passion for helping the patients there. Some were there for short rehabilitation stints, while for others it was home. Hendershot, who was in a wheelchair most of his adult life, was a resident at the hospital center for 14 months while recovering from bronchial pneumonia, then worked there as director of communications from 1998 until his death in May 2008. As such, he had a concern for the needs of the patients and residents there.
January 17, 2011
“Our family attended Christmas Eve service at Mount Vernon Reformed UCC with our Labrador retriever. This was such a blessing to our family. This was a regular Christmas Eve service, with hymns, communion and candle lighting. Our pet being able to be with us and receive a blessing was such a nice addition. After the service, the church had sandwiches and refreshments for the people, and treats and water for the pets. Even though not a lot of people knew one another, we all had our pets as a common bond so there was a lot of fellowship.
By DAN DEARTH | | December 24, 2010
Doctors traded their scalpels for carving knives on Friday to help prepare Christmas Eve meals for the less fortunate of Washington County. Dr. Stephen Kotch, an emergency room physician at Meritus Medical Center, said doctors, hospital staff and volunteers planned to deliver 600 meals during the annual Lend-A-Hand Dinner, an event that provides food for the elderly and for people with low incomes and physical disabilities. The meal, which included ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie, was prepared at Dimensions Dining & Catering near Funkstown.
By ALICIA NOTARIANNI | | December 24, 2010
Joe Beeman grew up on a cattle farm in Garrett County, Md. His family was Irish and firmly grounded in the Christian faith. Decembers were characterized by Christmas carols, evergreens strung with lights and ornaments, and family gathered around for satisfying home-cooked meals. Christmas time always was a big deal. Even as an adult, Beeman gathered with his five sisters for Christmas at his childhood home, a “big house full of people” where there was “always music going on.” So imagine the shock to his system when on Dec. 25, 2004, Beeman, now 33, of Hagerstown, found himself across the globe in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.
Lisa Prejean | December 23, 2010
Perhaps more so than any other time of year, Christmas Eve is a time of expectation. We look forward to spending time with the people we love. We want to see their expressions as they open the gifts we have carefully chosen. For families who will open gifts tomorrow morning, this night is a time of quiet reflection. There is much to contemplate. Have I been generous enough? Did I spend too much? Do I have gifts for everyone on my list? Will everyone get along tomorrow? Hmmm ... for many families, that last question is a loaded one. Yet consider for a moment that the answer lies within each one of us. When it comes to our family members, we have a choice to make.
December 23, 2010
Christmas Day has the joy, but Christmas Eve has the spirit.   It's the calm before the paper-shredding, food-shoveling, battery-operated storm that, for better or worse, has come to define Christmas. We find that Christmas Eve - after the last store has closed and after the last cookie has been baked - is the most soulful time of the season, the time for taking a breath and enjoying the lighted tree and unripped rainbow of color beneath it. Perhaps some candles and the scent of pine complete the mood.
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