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Business Plan

By BOB POOR | September 11, 2011
Q: As I look into starting my own business, I am overwhelmed by all the things I will have to know to be successful. What kind of training does SCORE suggest and what is available locally? A: First, there is no substitute for getting your own practical experience in the kind of business you hope to start. Knowing your marketing and tax issues, technology, finances, human resources management and many other aspects of small business will help you be successful in your own business.
February 10, 2011
Approximately 35 local businesses are scheduled to participate in the 15th annual Greater Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce Business Expo set for Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to noon in the Waynesboro Area Senior High School cafeteria. Guest John Miller with the Battle of Monterey Pass Association will discuss the efforts being made to preserve this Civil War battle site near Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. The expo is held in conjunction with the Waynesboro Lions Club pancake and sausage breakfast.
February 4, 2011
Q. My small business has grown rather nicely in the last three years, is profitable, and I am staffed with competent help. Now that I have a little free time, I would like to volunteer with a local organization working in support of other small businesses. What does SCORE have to offer? A. Your timing is excellent. SCORE has recently announced implementation of their national business plan aimed at a million small business startups in the next several years. That will require an increase in local SCORE chapter activities across the country.
December 26, 2010
Tax cut extension is a post-election bailout of politicians       To the editor:   Clearly having learned nothing from our recent experience of bailing out failed businesses and failed business ideas, our political leaders from both sides have joined together to cobble a new combo of stimulus and bailout disguised as a simple extension of the Bush tax cuts. However, this bill is nothing more than a post-election bailout of politicians.
By ANDREW SCHOTZ | May 6, 2010
HAGERSTOWN -- Washington County Health System's senior management has recommended closing a child care and education center serving about 130 children. The Learning Center, near Hagerstown City Park, could shut down Aug. 20, according to a letter sent Monday to families that use the center. About 35 center employees would lose their jobs, said Mike Zampelli, the health system's vice president for Antietam Health Services. Zampelli said the closure would cut costs as the health system prepares its budget for fiscal year 2011, which starts July 1. Senior management recommended the cut to the health system's board of directors, which is scheduled to meet next week.
By JENNIFER FITCH | December 16, 2009
FORT LOUDON, PA. -- A love of history is driving Dawn Gogin to restore what is left of the Fort Loudon Inn after a fire 11 months ago. Gogin and her husband, Dick, have rehabilitated two motel rooms and three apartments since the blaze gutted their late 18th-century building. They want to start creating a bed and breakfast on the other side of the structure, where only exterior walls remain. While doing that, the couple hopes to maintain a historical feel and reincorporate their antiques.
By Robert A. "Bob" Poor | December 11, 2009
Q. Most of what I read about SCORE has to do with small business startups. We are a small, five-employee company in business a little more than two years. Can SCORE help us weather this current recession? A. Absolutely. Call us at 301-739-2015 to register for a free counseling session with one of our small-business counselors. Help us understand the nature of the assistance you seek for the company. Our volunteer counselors are available to evaluate needs and provide guidance to assist with your specific business needs.
By KATE S. ALEXANDER | September 22, 2009
CHAMBERSBURG, PA. -- The Franklin County Fire Training Center has seen a slow decline in local support, worrying officials that if the center cannot soon tap into steady funding, its coffers could be dry within the year. After a major financial outpouring to open the center, the only money trickling into the fire training center budget these days flows from fees to train at the facility, said Jim Picking, president of the center's board of directors. "Funding?" he said. "We don't have any. " The 5-acre fire training center, which is off U.S. 11 just south of Chambersburg, offers firefighters access to a burn building, classrooms and a storage garage to learn the skills of their job. With a monthly operating cost of $1,835, the nominal training fees cannot keep the lights on without help from the organization's savings, he said.
By DAVE McMILLION | August 31, 2009
HAGERSTOWN -- A proposed landscaping business along Md. 34 about a half-mile west of Boonsboro was a topic of discussion during Monday night's Washington County Planning Commission meeting. Despite concerns that the land lies in the "gateway" to Antietam National Battlefield, planning commission members approved a site plan for Custom Landscaping. The site near Monroe Road has been partially developed, including establishment of a pet crematory, said Ed Schreiber of Frederick Seibert and Associates, a civil engineering firm in Hagerstown.
By BOB POOR | December 14, 2008
By BOB POOR Local SCORE education coordinator Q: My partner and I are planning a startup small business and we would really like to focus on a "niche market. " Are there guidelines on just how to do that? A: A market in its entirety is usually too broad in scope for any but the largest companies to tackle. The best strategy for a smaller business is to divide demand into manageable market niches. Here are some suggestions on developing niches from our friends at the Small Business Administration.
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