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Bryce Harper

By BOB PARASILITI | | April 28, 2011
Bryce Harper learned the hard way that you can’t hit what you can’t see. Harper had been experiencing problems hitting consistently for the Hagerstown Suns. Now he sees why ... with 20-20 vision. Harper, the top prospect in the Washington Nationals organization, admitted he had a little problem seeing the ball. On April 20 against Hickory, he began making contact because he started wearing contacts. “I was told my vision was really bad,” said Harper, who hit his first Municipal Stadium home run in his first at-bat April 21 against Hickory.
By TIM ROWLAND | July 14, 2013
“If I'm not doing anything wrong, why should I care about surveillance?” To quote the late David Foster Wallace, this argument is so stupid it practically drools. So allow me to count the ways: 1. Just because you have nothing to hide today doesn't mean you will have nothing to hide tomorrow. Legislatures are always passing new laws against what was heretofore rather normal behavior. One community tried to pass an ordinance requiring its citizens to carry a gun. See any problem there, especially if you don't care to pack heat?
July 4, 2011
Bryce Harper showed the Washington Nationals it was finally time to go. Since Washington’s top prospect arrived in Hagerstown, it was a matter of “when” — as opposed to “if” — he would move on to bigger things. The “when” came Sunday night after the Suns’ 8-2 victory over Lexington. Harper was promoted, leaving the low Single-A Suns for Double-A Harrisburg, and started for the Senators in Monday’s game against Erie. It is the next step to his destination in right field at Nationals Park in Washington in the not-so-distant future.
By BOB PARASILITI | | May 1, 2011
People in my chosen profession have come to hear Bryce Harper talk. The funny thing is very few have actually listened to what the 18-year-old baseball superstar in the making has said. Harper’s comments have been few and concise. He doesn’t care for the full glare of the national spotlight just yet and his comments and availability have been limited by the Washington Nationals to help him keep his mind on baseball. Yet, there is more spin on so few words than on one of the curveballs Harper has been sizing up as a member of the Hagerstown Suns.
By BOB PARASILITI | | April 4, 2011
When Brian Daubach talks about the Hagerstown Suns, there is an asterisk at the end each of his statements. “We have a well-rounded team with a lot of speed and some power,” said the Suns manager. “Our position players are very athletic. Our athleticism is big.” Then the asterisk is added. Oh yeah, the Suns have Bryce Harper on the roster. The 2011 Hagerstown Suns roster was unveiled at media day on Monday with a wide array of young talent, all giving Daubach an abundant amount of optimism.
By BOB PARASILITI | May 6, 2012
Molds, like records, are made to be broken. They are nothing more than pre-formed standards. A mold is a model for shaping. A record is a standard that shapes all performances. Bryce Harper is starting his quest to change both concepts. Harper joined the Washington lineup just 10 days ago and has added a whirlwind of interest not only to the Nationals, but to baseball. The 19-year-old former Hagerstown Sun has already made eye-popping defensive plays and timely hits, a couple already leading to wins.
February 28, 2011
The Hagerstown Suns and the Harrisburg Senators have announced a two-year agreement to play a preseason exhibition game. The inaugural game will be played at Municipal Stadium on April 5 at 6 p.m. This will mark the first time two Washington Nationals affiliates compete against one another. Bryce Harper, the Nationals’ 2010 No. 1 draft pick, is expected to make his Hagerstown debut in this contest. “We are excited to put this exhibition game together with two very important and valued franchises within our organization”, said Doug Harris, the Washington Nationals’ Player Development Director.
By BOB PARASILITI | | April 10, 2013
Bryan Harper has a good idea what Robin, Dr. Watson and Pokey have to deal with every day. It seems like the Hagerstown Suns relief pitcher can't go anywhere without someone asking about someone else in his life. Robin has Batman, Watson plays second fiddle to Sherlock Holmes and Pokey, he deals with Gumby. For Harper, the first thing he usually hears after someone says “Hi” is “How's your brother Bryce?” That's Bryce as in Bryce Harper, 20-year-old phenom, reigning National League Rookie of the Year and starting left fielder of the Washington Nationals.
By BOB PARASILITI | | April 5, 2011
Hagerstown Suns fans turned out for a preseason meal Tuesday but settled for an appetizer. The scheduled exhibition game pitting the Single-A Hagerstown Suns against the Double-A Harrisburg Senators, both minor league affiliates of the Washington Nationals, was canceled because of field conditions. So, instead of getting a feel for the Suns and watching some of Hagerstown’s former players again, the throng of a couple hundred shivering fans got a heavy dose of what they really turned out to see. Bryce Harper.
June 12, 2011
Youth is wasted on the young. George Bernard Shaw hit it on the head all those years ago. Why should young people enjoy the gift of youth? They can’t control something so concentrated and powerful. Shouldn’t there be a learner’s permit or something? As life goes on, “With age comes wisdom,” they say. Truth be told, youth and wisdom are life phases without owners’ manuals. Youth and wisdom were tested on Tuesday with the debut of the infamous video starring Hagerstown Suns outfielder Bryce Harper blowing a kiss to Greensboro pitcher Zach Neal while completing his home run trot.
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