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By KATE S. ALEXANDER | | July 12, 2011
After postponing a vote on a resolution to annex 95 split parcels, the Hagerstown City Council Tuesday landed right back where it was a month ago, with a majority of its five members favoring total annexation. Council members and Mayor Robert E. Bruchey II attempted to compromise Tuesday, offering numerous annexation alternatives to satisfy the interests of the city and property owners. However, the only option three members could agree upon was annexation of all 95 split parcels with no special conditions.
By KATE S. ALEXANDER | | June 22, 2011
The Hagerstown City Council said it wants more time to consider annexing some or all of the 95 properties split by the city boundary. Mayor Robert E. Bruchey II broke a tie between council members Tuesday to table a resolution that would annex the parcels into the city limits. The city has until the end of July to approve any portion of the annexation, City Planner Alex Rohrbaugh said previously. The council must approve the split parcel annexation at least 45 days before the authorizing state law sunsets on Sept.
By KATE S. ALEXANDER | | June 20, 2011
A group of 95 properties split by the Hagerstown city boundary likely will be annexed by the Hagerstown City Council, despite objections from a handful of affected property owners and two council members. A majority of council members indicated their support for annexing all the split parcels proposed for annexation by city staff. Council members Lewis C. Metzner and Forrest W. Easton did not support annexing all the properties. Council members Ashley C. Haywood, Martin Brubaker and William Breichner said they supported annexing all the properties.
By KATE S. ALEXANDER | | April 26, 2011
Slivers of their property might be in the city of Hagerstown, but the owners of several split parcels proposed for annexation said Tuesday night that they do not want to be city taxpayers. "We, as county residents, don't want to be in the city," Kevin Spessard of Key Circle said during a City Council hearing. "I don't want  it, I can't afford it," Teresa Magaha of Key Circle said. "If you do decide to do this, I say exempt the people until they sell the house, and then do it.  But don't do it now because you are going to force me to sell my house, and I don't know what I am going to do because I can't afford it. " "I'm opposed to this all the way around," said John Morris of Linwood Road.
By HEATHER KEELS | | April 3, 2011
For 14 years, the owners of 5142 Harpers Ferry Road have thought they lived in Sharpsburg. They paid town taxes. They received town services. Maps showed their triangular lot just south of High Street as being inside the town boundary. But when surveyors attempted to verify the lot’s in-town status, they made a surprising discovery. “It was a property that was approved for annexation by the town back in 1997, but through an administrative error, the property was never formally annexed,” Washington County Planning Director Michael C. Thompson said recently.
By KATE S. ALEXANDER | | March 28, 2011
Remnants of an old city boundary have Hagerstown eyeing portions of 95 properties for annexation. City Planner Alex Rohrbaugh said city staff has proposed annexing 95 split parcels, many that were cut by a 1914 city line that he said was laid out as “an arbitrary rectangle.” Split parcels are properties through which the municipal boundary passes, and only part of the parcel is within city limits, according to city documents. A state law gives municipalities the power to annex certain split parcels until Sept.
By HEATHER KEELS | | February 28, 2011
Two proposed annexations to the City of Hagerstown have been granted county approval for zoning changes upon annexation. The Washington County Commissioners voted last week to allow one property, near Interstate 70, to be rezoned for regional shopping center use, and another property, near Salem Avenue, to be rezoned for residential use. The county’s “express approval” for those changes means that if the city moves forward with...
February 1, 2011
DEC. 25, 1960-JAN. 26, 2011 Wendy Jayne Bailey, 50, of Johnson City, Tenn., died Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011, at home, following a battle with multiple sclerosis. She grew up in Clinton, Iowa, daughter of Weston and Betty Hill Jayne. Wendy was city planner for Johnson City. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church. Wendy also was a member of the Ann Robertson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the City Youth Ballet. Wendy was a graduate of Iowa State University and the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.
By ANDREW SCHOTZ | August 10, 2010
A request for Hagerstown to annex a proposed bowling alley parcel was withdrawn Monday, one day before the city council was going to discuss it. Aristodemos Capital Group LLC, the property owner, plans to open a tenpin bowling alley on Leitersburg Pike, where Long Meadow Bowl, a duckpin alley, closed in 2009 after 38 years. Besides bowling, the new Seven Ten Family Entertainment Center would have an arcade and a dining area. Ash Azadi, Aristodemos Capital Group's managing partner, has said a nightclub would open later at the site.
By KATE S. ALEXANDER | July 27, 2010
City residents told members of the Hagerstown City Council on Tuesday they don't want the former Long Meadow Bowling Alley in the city limits if any part of it could become a night club again. The council held a public hearing Tuesday night on a proposed annexation of the approximately 2-acre site owned by Aristodemos Capital Group LLC. The building at 19330 Leitersburg Pike was once home to Eclipse Nite Club and Long Meadow Bowling Alley, among other businesses. Aristodemos plans to open a family entertainment center on the site as early as March, managing partner Ash Azadi previously told the Herald-Mail.
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