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January 22, 2012
Adding to the bill Del. LeRoy E. Myers Jr., R-Washington/Allegany, wants to expand a proposed amendment to Washington County's gaming law. On Wednesday, Washington County's delegation discussed a draft bill that would add new financial reporting requirements for the Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association. The association would have to submit financial reports and proposed budgets to the county, and get the county commissioners' approval before distributing money to its member fire and rescue companies.
January 16, 2012
How great is this? The Maryland General Assembly session isn't even a week old and already the fighting has begun. Even better, the fighting hasn't even involved any of the lawmakers yet. This is hard to figure. I mean, isn't this the point where the Donoraptor and Shankasaurus are usually up on their hind feet raging at each other across the primeval swamp that is Annapolis? But no. They've even been agreeing on some policy matters of late, which kind of weirds me out. Instead, it seems as if we have two virtual delegations whose goals are basically to defeat each other's goals.
By ANDREW SCHOTZ | | January 7, 2012
Money and marriage are on the minds of Washington County's state lawmakers heading to Annapolis. So are foreclosed properties, virtual schools, petition privacy, parole and probation violators, and Washington County's proposed senior center. With the 2012 Maryland General Assembly session set to begin Wednesday, a majority of Washington County's delegation anticipates state budget negotiations and a battle over legalizing same-sex marriage taking up much of the legislature's time and attention.
By PAT SCHOOLEY | Special to The Herald-Mail | December 9, 2011
This is the 190th in a series of articles about the historical and architectural treasures of Washington County. See a slideshow of more historic and modern photos at     The old house stands on a bluff above Md. 56 about a mile from Big Spring, commanding the view. A large chimney rises above the gambrel roof at the rear of the original section of the building. The chimney is built of dressed stones laid in regular courses and divided into three sections by two set backs.
By ANDREW SCHOTZ | | April 23, 2011
Gauging lawmakers' success in Annapolis isn't as easy as looking at how many of their bills passed. Del. Andrew A. Serafini, R-Washington, and Sen. Ronald N. Young, D-Frederick/Washington, each said they filed certain bills this year just to stimulate debate. Some local bills technically were defeated in committee, but the proposals they contained were adopted through another bill or an agreement that didn't require legislation. Being a watchdog is important, too, as former Sen. Alex X. Mooney once said: "I protect and represent my constituents.
By ANDREW SCHOTZ | | April 2, 2011
With Maryland’s legislative session nearly over, the results of a local lobbying coalition’s 2011 wish list are becoming clearer. Brien J. Poffenberger, president of the Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce, said Friday that the coalition knew this was the wrong year to ask for anything that required much money. Instead, the coalition focused on protecting Washington County’s progress, he said. This year’s coalition agenda included road projects and economic development initiatives, as well as a “watch list” for previously approved library and higher-education funding.
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