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Amusement Park

By RACHAEL JOHNSON / Pulse Correspondent | May 19, 2009
MARTINSBURG, W.Va. -- Martinsburg North Middle School jazz band, show choir and women's choir all can be called one thing -- winners. The groups traveled to Kutztown, Pa., on May 16 to perform in the Music in the Parks band and choir competitions. Deborah Steranko, managing director of Music in the Parks, said groups performed and were evaluated by judges. Each group received both written and taped comments, she said. Martinsburg North Middle was the only band from West Virginia to perform.
by LISA TEDRICK PREJEAN | June 6, 2003
We've had a few soggy picnics over the past couple of weeks, but we've tried to make the most of each one. At least we haven't had to spend much on sunscreen and insect repellent. (I think even the bugs are too wet to bother.) Snacks that I don't normally keep around the house - brownies, candy, potato chips - have been making their way into my grocery cart as we attend one end-of-year party after another. Perhaps my children are involved in too many activities ... but that's a topic for another column.
by HEATHER KEELS | July 18, 2005
CASCADE Editor's note: This is the fifth in a summer series examining the histories of local communities in Washington County. It was the railroad that brought them, but the cars that took them away. At least that's Richard Happel's assessment of the development of Cascade, the mountaintop town at the northeastern corner of Washington County that now teeters uncertainly as residents and developers argue over the future of the former Fort Ritchie U.S. Army base.
Independence Day is cause to celebrate being an American, whether you were born here or emigrated for the promise of a better life. Don't let this Fourth of July pass by without a proper celebration. Sarah on planning ahead: If you wake up on the Fourth wondering what to do, it's probably not going to be too memorable. Take a few minutes this week to plan some activities that will make the day feel special. If you're stumped for ideas, break down the day into four parts: a special morning event (often a parade)
November 3, 2007
Let's help save Antietam Creek To the editor: This past Spring I had the opportunity to help Councilman Jeff Cline of Williamsport, the Boy Scout Troop from Williamsport, a lady teacher and numerous other individuals clean up Springfield Run in Byron Memorial Park in Williamsport. The day was beautiful to say the least. It was an awesome experience. I enjoyed the whole morning. The main concern was the vegetation that was growing in the creek. We also cleaned out some trash, mainly plastic soda bottles and Styrofoam.
By BOB PARASILITI | July 13, 2010
They got us again. We sit there and say we won't ever be duped again, but it didn't work. It never does. We sports fans proved again how gullible and vulnerable we actually are. On Thursday, LeBron James turned his choice of NBA employment into a telethon event. Hidden in the guise of a fundraiser for The Boys and Girls Clubs was the King's decision to make Miami his next castle and unearth his hometown roots with Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. The announcement shocked and upset so many people on so many levels, but none more than we who actually took time to watch it. In the words of Britney Spears, one of the great philosophers of our times -- OOPS, we did it again.
October 5, 1998
By TERRY TALBERT / Staff Writer by: JOE CROCETTA / staff photographer The publicity and advertising director for Hagerstown Speedway cannot be defined by that job alone. Stan Dillon, 56, does other work, and has other passions. He believes in exploring life to the fullest. "I always try the unknown," he said. "I just think life offers so much, physically and spiritually, to experience. " Dillon, who lives in Owings Mills, Md., works full time at a job he can't talk a lot about.
By BOB PARASILITI | August 26, 2012
We sports fans are a species of bottom-line thinkers. Everything comes down to two things: Winning and losing. We thump our chests and talk trash when our team wins. We get offensively defensive when our team loses. We are like a dog staring at a television set. We twist our heads and fixate on the images in front of us. Right now, it's because of football. And football fans may be the worst of the subspecies. They sit and scream at that TV, discuss and analyze every play, while trying to decide how a run up the middle will impact the season.
by JULIE E. GREENE | May 28, 2006
Maybe you've noticed them, the dozens of memorial plaques around the area dedicating a tree, a bench, a garden or a structure in memory of a loved one. For most of us the stories behind those plaques are a mystery. Today we're revealing more about the people to whom they are dedicated. Fate remembered PEN MAR - Down the hill, beyond the woods lies a patchwork of farms with treelines as stitching and silos that look like toy pieces. This is the view sitting on a bench at Pen Mar Park, overlooking the Maryland-Pennsylvania state line.
October 26, 2000
Float finale for DeVore By ANDREW SCHOTZ / Staff Writer Get a good look at Ralph DeVore as he promenades down Potomac Street Saturday night behind his fleet of five floats. His 40th Alsatia Mummers' Parade will be his last. continued If DeVore has his way, he'll be working in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., next year, helping people board Thunder Road or Blazing Fury or any of the other thrill rides at Dolly Parton's Dollywood theme park. DeVore no longer builds grand-scale fantasy scenes on wheels, like the 110-foot-long "Land of Oz," the huffing and puffing "Big Bad Wolf" and the giant ice cream sundae.
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