Letters to the Editor - Sept. 8

September 08, 2013

Men, women should be segregated in military

To the editor:

It is now time, in my opinion, to segregate women from men in the United States military. The term “segregation” has a very negative impact, all of it earned. But it is not totally evil, it just means “one group over here, and the other group over there.” Introducing it would solve two major problems faced by a military in a tough world.

1. Rape and sexual assault is a growing problem today. Having women on an entirely different base would reduce sexual assault, but not stop them entirely. There would still be attacks on civilians by soldiers, men-on-men attacks within the military, and women-on-women attacks. Segregation would reduce the number of assaults by a large percentage.

2. The whole issue of women’s size and physical training is also faced in segregated sports, and is in fact why many sports are segregated today. Before there were any women in our military, I am sure that there were size requirements, both at minimum and maximum. A 400-pound man is not likely to be carried a mile by a fellow soldier. And with whatever the heaviest weight limit was, the smallest soldier had to be able to carry him off the field. 

Women in the U.S. military could have their own standards for minimum and maximum for weight, size and strength. It would not matter if minimum and maximum requirements were lower than the male requirements if the women were not fighting or bunking with men.

Women will, for some time, be a small minority in our military. The only possible change in that would come if we brought back the draft, not a likely change. So it will be the number of women that determines the size of bases, their percentage of the overall force and the highest rank of their officers.

Charles Wilkinson

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