Letters to the Editor - Aug. 29

August 29, 2013

Tea party rallies have exposed movement’s racist base

To the editor:

Recently, tea party rallies or protests have exposed the racist base in the movement. In Washington, D.C., during a GOP rally against immigration reform, one of the key speakers talked about the DNA and bloodlines of the Founding Fathers — Washington, Jefferson and others — being put at risk by immigrants. The speaker also added a line to include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This rally was led by tea party darlings.

No matter how much one might admire him, it is difficult to imagine Dr. King as one of our Founding Fathers without a time warp or that he would endorse the kind of discrimination being espoused. The speaker went on to say that “you can’t breed Secretariat to a mule and win the Kentucky Derby.”  This is the same type of rhetoric once targeted solely at blacks, now used against the brown-skinned in our society.

In Arizona, the same tea party emblems and flag of choice, “Don’t Tread on Me” enhanced with the rattlesnake, were in the hands of those singing “Bye Bye Black Sheep” and demanding impeachment of President Obama. These people have never looked up the definition of impeachment, which shows their ignorance. 

However, they certainly know how to express their racism and fly in the face of the organizers of the tea party’s efforts to claim that they only stand against taxes and big government.

This was the worst kind of ugly that they have produced so far. Will the white pointed hats and capes not be far behind?

John Klupsak

Delaney, fellow Democrats are working for our future

To the editor:

By any chance, when you voted in the last election, did you vote for a future with crumbling highways, unsafe bridges or questionable drinking water?

If you voted Republican, you probably did. In Congress, Republicans have consistently voted against funding infrastructure projects.

When the next bridge collapses because of neglect, will we accept this as just par for the course? When our aging water pipes and sewer systems burst, mixing drinking water and sewage, will we just give another shrug? Heaven forbid we should spend any federal money on rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure to ensure our children inherit a safe future — to say nothing of the needed good jobs it would create. Have they forgotten President Eisenhower, a Republican, was the father of the interstate highway system?

If you voted Democratic, you voted to try to get something done. Our recently elected congressman, John Delaney, has proposed a Partnership to Build America Act (HR 2084) that funds infrastructure projects to ensure a safe future and more good jobs, while at the same time costing the taxpayer nothing because it also brings back off-shored corporate funds into the U.S. Treasury. He has an equal number of co-sponsors from each side of the congressional aisle. There is hope.

The next time you vote, remember who in Congress is actually trying to find a bipartisan way to rebuild America, create good jobs and ensure a healthy economy for us all.

Thomas E. Ruhf

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