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Found animals - Aug. 14

August 13, 2013

The Humane Society of Washington County has assigned a number to each animal it finds. When pet owners visit the shelter, they can ask to see the animal with the assigned number.


A001165 — Adult domestic shorthair, female, brown and black, found on Division Avenue in Hagerstown

A001169 — Adult DSH, male, white and orange, found on John Street in Hagerstown

A001187 — Adult DSH, female, orange and white, found on Landis Road in Hagerstown

A001233 — Adult DSH, female, black, found on Potterbell Way in Hagerstown

A001381— Young domestic shorthair, male, black and white, found on Main Street in Hancock

A001285 — Adult  DSH, male, gray, found at High Street and  Salem Avenue in Hagerstown

A001300 — Adult DSH, gender unknown, orange tabby, found on Dogwood Drive in Hagerstown

A001281 — Adult DSH, gender unknown, orange, found on Lappans Road in Fairplay


A001377 — Senior domestic medium-hair, female, black, brown and white, found on Mulberry Street in Hagerstown

A001337 —  Adult  DSH, female, brown and black tabby, found on Garden View Road in Hagerstown.


A001266 — Young pit mix, male, white, found on East Baltimore Street in Hagerstown

A000256 — Young shepherd mix, male, black and tan, found on Ridge Avenue in Hagerstown

A001264 — Adult terrier mix, male, tan, found at National Pike and Rocky Fountain Lane in Clear Spring

A001243 — Adult Labrador, male, black, found at Md. 550 and Raven Rock Road in Cascade

A001237 — Senior spaniel mix, female, brown and gray, found on George Street in Hagerstown

A001205 — Adult Rottweiler mix, female, black and brown, found on North Cannon Avenue in Hagerstown

A001376 —  Adult Australian shepherd, female, brown and gold, found on Clopper Road in Hagerstown. 

A001332  —  Adult Rottweiler, male, black and brown, found on Broadfording Road in Hagerstown

For more information, call the humane society at 301-733-2060. The shelter is at 13011 Maugansville Road.

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