Letters to the Editor - Aug. 12

August 12, 2013

‘Instant gratification’ societies must fail

To the editor:

Allan Powell’s column (Aug. 2) asks, “Is America in decline?” He presents the work of two authors offering opposing views for our consideration. Both make strict economic analysis the basis of their outlook. It comes down to how America will be able to respond to onslaughts of “brutal competition” and “sheer numbers” in terms of populations, consumers, power plants, political regimes and preservation of something called “liberal democracy.”

Mr. Powell does not take sides. He thinks a “healthy debate” is in order but that we should be “cautious — even suspicious — of simplistic or dogmatic opinions.”

I submit that the answer is simple. All economic/political analysis of American decline misses the whole point. It talks about symptoms of the real cultural cancer that has already set in and has us on the path to self-destruction. Economic power and technology did not save Greece and Rome from being taken over by the barbarians. 

A civilization stands or falls on its adherence to the Natural Law, especially in terms of the family, marriage, private property and sound money. All of these foundations have been completely subverted in the West. Any “instant gratification society” like ours, which legally kills its future generations — its most fundamental infrastructure — must fail. Our debt is not measured in dollars but in the millions of aborted children, broken homes, addictions and the number dependent on government.

Democracy, liberal or otherwise, is no cure. Indeed it is working out just as Aristotle and Plato predicted. It ends in factions that will “bribe” the voters with all kinds of handouts so that they can secure the power to then enact “laws” that will enslave those same voters. It is as Hilaire Belloc showed us in “The Servile State.” Our collapse should be no surprise.

Richard Giovanoni

Totem Pole Playhouse needs sellout crowds

To the editor:

The Totem Pole Playhouse has been a wonderful and exciting part of summers at Caledonia for 63 years. This year continues to be no exception. In fact, 2013 is the biggest, brightest and boldest season ever.

Even though Totem Pole has made remarkable strides in meeting its many financial obligations this year, the attendance for our final musicals, “Barnum” and “Leader of the Pack” will truly decide Totem Pole’s future. With only four weeks remaining in the season, it is now crucial for Totem Pole to have sellout crowds.

Totem Pole is making progress, but it might not be sufficient to carry the theater into the future. As Totem Pole supporters, please encourage your family and friends to attend the final two musicals at Totem Pole and experience marvelous live professional theater in the serene setting of Caledonia, before it is too late.

Thank you.

Totem Pole Playhouse board of directors:
David Black
William Gindlesperger
Maxine Gindlesperger
Mary Louise Lucas
Karl Shreiner
Rose Tripi
Dana Witt


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