Lloyd Waters: Reminiscing over a good burger

August 11, 2013|By LLOYD WATERS

Friday night finally got here and I had a busy week.

I gave notice to my employer that I was leaving. I was tired of dealing with Windows 8.

It was time to unwind a little. I was tired and hungry.

My buddy and I decided to stop by Funkstown Tavern for one of those tasty burgers, a little cream of crab soup and a Blue Moon, which helps the dryness of one’s mouth. (That orange slice is full of Vitamin C, so it has to be healthy.)

As we lounged in back of the establishment, we were treated to some good tunes. Bad Company was there with “Simple Man.” And Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” took me back to my prison days and a few memories from the Dargan woods.

“(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” was another favorite whose lyrics came to life out of the walls. Otis Redding was sounding pretty good on this Friday night. That one had me thinking about my fishing trip this weekend with a few old Dogs.

When I thought it couldn’t get any better, there was Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow singing their popular hit “Picture.”

It was just what the doctor ordered — some relaxation and very good music.

While I was sitting there enjoying the moment, I saw an old public defender acquaintance over in the corner. He and his female friend were dining on fried chicken.

As I was waiting for my meal to arrive, two women were headed out the back door. When I looked up and recognized them as former prison coworkers, it was time to pause and catch up on some old news.

Rose worked in the business office at Roxbury Correctional Institution, and she was smiling as I remembered her from many years ago. Nellie Keplinger was the welcoming voice from the personnel office way back in the day. 

The women were enjoying their retirement and brought me up to the current news while sharing their memories. We offered several stories about some of the oldies but goodies who worked for many years within those prison walls.

Too many have passed on we concluded. Harry Blair, Gene Shives, Gerald Keller and many others have gone on to the hereafter.

Sharing those moments of the past made the evening really special.

George Baker, Marsha Deal, Arlie Crist, Bud Bachtell, Wayne Winebrenner, and Bud Spickler were some other names that were mentioned.

The women and I compared notes about those mechanical parts that make getting around a little easier. Artificial hips, knees, heart stents and other contraptions help make those heretofore aches and pains a bit more palatable.

I bid the women good-night and thought how nice it was to see some old friends.

Kenny Henry must have taken the night off. I didn’t see him watching the baseball game as he normally does from his favorite standing spot with his glass of ice.

As I was leaving, I saw Willie and another prison friend on the other side of the room. He still works at the prison and brought up some old stories about the Division of Correction softball tournaments of the past and how MCI won the championship for nine consecutive years.

For sure, those days represent some of the best times of my prison career.

It was a different era then. We not only had the best softball team in the Division of Correction, we had the best prison team of all time.

People who worked back in those days will remember those stories. Some of those folks who have never been to the mountaintop can only look up and try to figure out how our team got there first.

Reminiscing over a good burger. Now how good is that?

Lloyd “Pete” Waters is a Sharpsburg resident who writes for The Herald-Mail.



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