Potomac Edison spokesman: No plans to install 'smart meters' in Western Maryland area

August 04, 2013

While the use of new electronic utility meters is a growing trend across the country, an official with Potomac Edison said the local electric provider is not in the process of installing “smart meters” in its Western Maryland service area.

Potomac Edison spokesman Todd Meyers said there is no state law currently in place in Maryland that allows the company to install smart meters.

“I don’t believe there’s any plans to install any smart meters” at this time, Meyers said in a telephone interview.

Meyers said other utilities in Maryland, and perhaps some in neighboring areas of Pennsylvania, do have the go-ahead to install smart meters, which might have caused some confusion in the Western Maryland area.

Regina Davis, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Public Service Commission, said in an email Thursday that Potomac Edison has not sought approval to install smart meters.

“PE is not among those utility companies in the smart meter cases currently before the commission,” Davis said.

As opposed to a traditional utility meter, a smart meter is a two-way electrical unit that records consumption of energy usage and communicates that information to the utility for remote monitoring and billing purposes.

Potomac Edison serves about 250,000 customers in seven Maryland counties, including 51,500 in Washington County, and about 91,000 customers in Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle.


— C.J. Lovelace

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