Monday Breakdown - standing water at Park Lane and Belview Avenue

July 14, 2013
  • Standing water at the intersection of Park Lane and Belview Avenue in the citys North End concerns area residents.
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HAGERSTOWN — A Hagerstown resident recently submitted an emailed photo that shows standing water at the intersection of Park Lane and Belview Avenue in the city’s North End, an area that is prone to standing water that cannot flow into storm drains after substantial rainfalls.

“During any moderate to heavy rain, the water has to pool so high, the water runs across the road to the storm drain across the road,” Billy Taylor, a Belview Avenue resident, wrote in his email.

“The storm drain at the bottom of the picture is higher than the road and corner,” he wrote. “You should see it when it rains, then freezes.”

Taylor said Friday that other residents in the immediate area have the same concerns.

When asked about the flooding issue, city Public Works Director Eric Deike said recently that he’s looked into the situation, and the problem appears to be caused by the street not having as much “crown,” or curve, along the center line to assist in pushing water to storm drains on either side.

“I have spoken with the city’s engineering department,” Deike said in an email on July 5. “Their staff will survey the area to verify grades and determine possible solutions to this issue.”

In an email Friday, Deike said no further investigative work has taken place since July 5, but city engineers will take grade elevations in the next few months to determine what corrective action, if any, can be taken.

— Compiled by C.J. Lovelace

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