USM Hagerstown executive director recovering from open-heart surgery

Halsey on planned medical leave

July 12, 2013
  • Mark Halsey, executive director of University System of Maryland at Hagerstown
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Mark Halsey, executive director of the University System of Maryland at Hagerstown, is on a planned medical leave recovering from open heart surgery, according to a university official.

Halsey, who had the surgery in late June, has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, “which means he has a thickened heart muscle,” Erin Harman, USMH director of advancement and outreach, said in an emailed statement Thursday.

“The cardiologist found that the thickened wall of the heart was causing a great deal of pressure in his heart,” Harman said. “On June 25, the surgeon cut a trench into the wall of his left ventricle.”

Halsey currently is in a six-week recovery period, which Harman said is “going very well.”

Halsey assumed duties as USMH’s executive director in May 2012.

Previously, he served as Virginia Tech’s director of finance and administration for distance learning. Prior to that, he was a regional director of distance learning at Old Dominion University, according to previous reports in The Herald-Mail.

Halsey also was an associate professor of management and a department chairman with Eastern University in Pennsylvania.

— Holly Shok

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