Letters to the Editor - June 30

June 30, 2013

City council to blame if Suns leave town

To the editor:

It has become very clear that this current city council cares less about the future of Hagerstown and more about their personal agendas and re-election prospects.

A concept plan was presented to the council by Sora Development that outlined a public-private partnership to jumpstart the redevelopment of downtown with no decision from the council. Sora wanted to proceed with a nonbinding agreement, however Councilman Aleshire wanted constant updates, basically micromanaging the development of the plan. Sora expressed frustration for the lack of action by the council.

Recently, the pending sale of four Public Square properties to a private developer, which will add 15 to 20 jobs, was approved by all except for Councilwoman Nigh. She felt the selling price was too low. Need she be reminded that the city basically stole the Holiday Motel at half the pending price, underbidding another developer? The city should not be in the real estate business to make money but to provide opportunity for private investors. The new Invest Hagerstown redevelopment grant program was not approved by Nigh, either. Business owners seem to be of no concern to her. One should wonder if she is truly for redeveloping downtown or just for saying no to every job creation opportunity for Hagerstown.

And the stadium. Aleshire says there is not enough support for a new stadium, referring to attendance figures. Aren’t figures low because the decrepit conditions of Municipal Stadium are unappealing? The failure of the council to stick with the facts and to educate the citizens of the city and county as to the financial importance of keeping the Suns in Hagerstown is appalling and self-serving.  There have been plenty of studies, at the city’s expense, for possible sites that support building a new stadium and the financial benefits.

Let’s face it, Nigh and Aleshire will not support any stadium plan or any downtown redevelopment plan. Are they on the city council just to feed their egos? With no inspiration, there will be no action.

Hagerstown has no leadership, and the council embraces the citizens who don’t understand what it takes to make something work. If the Suns move to Fredericksburg, we have only the city council to blame. 

Clifton Deward

Eating vegan foods can help prevent obesity

To the editor:

The American Medical Association recently announced that it will recognize obesity as a disease requiring medical treatment and prevention. Fortunately, everyone can help prevent obesity and other diet-related diseases just by eating tasty vegan foods rather than animal-based ones.

In general, it’s easier to maintain a healthy weight if you eat vegan foods because they tend to be naturally low in fat and calories. They’re also often high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, which help boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories. Research shows that the average vegan is 18 percent leaner than his or her meat-eating counterpart, and that vegans are less likely to suffer from heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

So, if you want to slim down and stay healthy, choose veggie burgers instead of hamburgers, soy sausage rather than pork sausage, and curried chickpeas over chicken flesh. Opt for almond milk — not cow’s milk — on your cereal and in fruit smoothies, and enjoy popular vegan staples, such as black bean and corn chili, spaghetti and marina sauce, eggplant soy parmesan, and hummus and veggie wraps.

Free vegan recipes and product suggestions are available at

Heather Moore
PETA Foundation

Many contributed to completion of veterans monument

To the editor:

On Sunday, June 23, we proudly dedicated our Korean War Veterans Monument. This was a tremendously important day for all Korean War veterans. The accomplishment of this goal could not have happened without the wonderful support we got from many, many sources. In one way or another, we got support from private citizens, numerous clubs and civic organizations, as well as the public domain of city, county and state. We cannot say “thank you” enough, but I will try.

To all the private contributors to our monument fund, thank you. We were amazed at not only the amount of money we received from private contributors, but the broad range of citizen contributors. The small amounts and the very generous amounts really accounted for a substantial percentage of total contributions. Thank you all.

Similarly, the response from many, many social clubs, civic organizations and corporate enterprises was overwhelming.  We enjoyed meeting with you to tell you of our need, and your response was terrific. Many, many thanks.

The help and support we got from the city, county and state topped out our fundraising and made it possible to add some important modifications that make our monument such a magnificent sight. To the County Commissioners for their very generous donation and to Del. John Donoghue and City Councilman Don Munson, we thank you for acting on our behalf to get funds from the state.

And, finally, our most sincere thanks to the City of Hagerstown. Thank you for allowing us to build our monument in the city. Thank you for sharing the expertise of numerous city departments to plan and construct our monument. Finally, thanks for the wonderful support we got to actually carry out our monument dedication. We believe the dedication ceremony went extremely well and this was due in large measure to the support we got from city administrators. 

Thank you all for the donations, the advice and technical support and, most importantly, your belief in our monument project. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Les Bishop, commander
Antietam Chapter 312
Korean War Veterans Association

Thanks to participants, sponsors of health/fitness event

To the editor:

Saturday, June 15, was a perfect day for a run. Even with four sponsored events in the area, the MPMC third annual 5-mile and health/fitness event hosted 35 runners and approximately 20 vendors at the Lions Club Park in Mercersburg, Pa. Runners not only enjoyed a beautiful and challenging run, they were provided with post-race subs donated by Subway. Visitors at the Health/Fitness Expo enjoyed a rock wall provided by Whitetail Resort and a free zumba class with LeAnn Hummel Bennett.  The Army National Guard, JBHS football, Robert Brown and the Tuscarora Youth Soccer Club got kids moving with fun activities. Other vendors shared information about local events and ways to stay healthy and fit.

The 5-mile event received great support from local sponsors and was able to raise over $3,000 to benefit the MPMC project.  Montgomery, Peters, Mercersburg Connectivity is a subcommittee of MacWell (Mercersburg Area Council For Wellness) that aims to create safer walking and biking routes in order to connect our community and encourage health and fitness.

Sponsors for the event included Whitetail Resort; Modnur Pharmacy; Kaminski, Hawbaker and Salawage PC; Sen. Richard Alloway; Lininger-Fries Funeral Home; Atlas Copco Secoroc LLC; DL Martin; First National Bank of Mercersburg; Chambersburg Hospital; Pure and Simple Café; Keystone Orthopedic; Franklin County Visitors Bureau; Auto Sales Unlimited; Subway; Food Lion; Potomac Highlands Distance Club; Road Runners Club of America; and Road ID. Results and pictures from the event are available at

MPMC will continue to hold the annual 5-miler and Health/Fitness Expo on Father’s Day weekend.

Danielle Fox
Chambersburg, Pa.

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