Letters to the Editor - June 29

June 29, 2013

Americans deserve more from their president

To the editor:

What a month this has been for finally making headway in discovering the truth about important issues such as Benghazi, the targeting of conservative and religious groups by the IRS and the testimony of the highest attorney in the United States, the attorney general. What is missing is the leadership to assure the American people that justice will prevail and answers will be forthcoming. Where is the “leader” of the free world, President Obama? We would all like to know.

Where was the president when Ambassador Christopher Stevens and our U.S. Embassy in Libya was under attack? Where was the president when the Navy SEALs who went to rescue the ambassador were calling for help? Why was help not sent to aid in the fight for their lives? Who at the White House twice gave the order to “stand down” when our special ops were on the tarmac ready to aid in the fight? What White House official gave the directive to change the talking points that were sent by the State Department that described the Benghazi incident from being “terrorists” to being the result of “a video?”

What was Mr. Schiebel from the IRS doing during his 157 visits to the White House? Where was President Obama during those visits? Who gave the directive to audit the tea party groups and other conservative and religious groups about their tax-exempt status? And now we learn that the government has been tracking the phone calls and emails of American citizens.

Why does the president not look into his appointed attorney general and his testimony to Congress about his signatures to investigate Fox News reporter James Rosen? 

What we have here are examples of government gone wild. This is big government using power not granted by the U.S. Constitution to intimidate the American people and dereliction of duty by the commander in chief. 

The American people should not tolerate a president who fails to lead, makes excuses for his incompetence and promises to further destroy our freedoms.

Stand up, America, your freedom is at risk. Big government is about to roll right over you.

Nancy S. Allen
The Hagerstown Tea Party

Country needs more people involved in democratic process

To the editor:

The “unbelievable event” that occurred for President Obama to be re-elected was that he received more votes than his opponent.

Concerning immigration, only citizens can vote. These days it is much harder to become a citizen than it was from the 1780s until the 1930s when most of our ancestors came. Whatever happened to the American “melting pot?”

The claim that immigrants are overloading our schools is contradicted by the facts. Schools are closing, not being built. We should want excellence in education for all members of our society. Today’s schoolchildren are our future.

It would appear that Republicans have lost the sense of the common good. Yes, they are in trouble because their policies and practices are not meeting the needs of the majority of voters. 

The big problem with Republicans is that they do not honor and adopt policies that provide support to hard-working people, people whose labor is the backbone of our country. They have ignored the legitimate needs of firefighters, police officers, soldiers, teachers, road workers, bus drivers, nurses, food-service workers, linemen, etc., in favor of the interests of the wealthy. People who contribute their labor day after day, year after year deserve basic security and comfort. The Republicans seem intent on dismantling the programs that working people rely upon to ensure a decent life. Even basic health care is no longer affordable to many. Folks have noticed and are voting accordingly. The Democratic party also needs to be held accountable.

We need common-sense regulations in transportation infrastructure, pharmaceutical development and food safety. People are killed or hurt when regulations are lax in these areas, as is evidenced by the recent collapse of roads and bridges, and illnesses due to tainted foods and drugs. Common sense does not mean overregulation, just that which ensures safety and protection of our environment. My lack of confidence in China’s regulatory system prevents me from buyng food, drugs and even pet food from there.

We need more people involved in our democratic process, not fewer, so it will reflect what “we the people” must do “to form a more perfect union.”

Tamer Shelby
Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

Democratic committee opposes sale of Pa. nursing home

To the editor:

The Franklin County Commissioners are preparing to sell the Franklin County Nursing Home (Falling Spring Nursing and Rehabilitation Center), which has provided care to Franklin County residents since 1808.

Members of the Franklin County Democratic Committee voted at their June meeting to oppose the sale of the county nursing home to an outside corporation.

It is imperative that citizens who oppose the sale of the county nursing home immediately contact Franklin County Commissioners David Keller, Bob Thomas and Bob Ziobrowski to express their opposition at 717-261-3810 or

Stephen D. Harris, chairman
Franklin County Democratic Committee

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