How to stay tight when you're on summer vacation

June 21, 2013

It’s finally summer time after a lame, dreary spring. Vacation season is in full swing and that means possibly missing workouts. You don’t have to stress out if you’ve been making progress and wondering how to keep it moving while off the grid. 

Most hotel “gyms” are nothing more than a closet with a treadmill, so that gives you a good reason to change things up, lighten your load and stay on pace while having fun on vacation. Here are some ideas.


Yes, a game of Frisbee can be pretty athletic as you jump, and dive all over the place trying to catch those terrible passes your friend keeps throwing. Try this: Take your Frisbee to the beach early before many people are around, throw it as far as you can down the length of the beach, then sprint to where it lands. Repeat this for the length of the field a few times and I guarantee you’ll think you ran a marathon. This can be even more fun with a partner.



Generally, singles tennis burns more calories than doubles as there is more court to cover. As much as 728 calories per hour for an average 200-pound man, according to Here’s something a little out of the box: Take a light medicine ball to your resort’s tennis court, and take turns with your partner throwing it over the net and try to catch it off one bounce. Big fun, and burns a rack of calories.

Beach volleyball

 This game gets my vote for the most challenging of the season. Running and jumping in sand can be a test to your athleticism, and it can get really competitive. The level of smack talk will go to new heights here, especially after a particularly nasty spike. Try this: every time you score, make your opponents do 20 reps of any exercise of your choice, and vice-versa. You will burn a few hundred more calories during your game, plus after a couple of sets of pushups, your arms will look great all day.

Before you head out to get some fitness fun in the sun, heres a few tips to keep you cool:

  •   Stay hydrated. Drink water 30 minutes prior to exercise, and then every 15 minutes while working out. Drink again after you finish.
  •   High-intensity training should be avoided in really high temperatures and/or high humidity.
  •  Wear loose-fitting, moisture-wicking fabrics to aid in heat loss through sweat.
  •  Cover all exposed areas with a good sunscreen.

Enjoy your vacation, get out there and have some fitness fun.

Chad Smith is a Hagerstown personal trainer and co-owner of Home Team Fitness LLC. Go to for more information.

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