Hagerstown Rotary Club gives away $63,018.41 to nonprofits

June 19, 2013|By CALEB CALHOUN |

The Hagerstown Rotary Club donated $63,018.41 to 50 local nonprofit organizations at the club’s annual Foundation check distribution on Wednesday at Fountain Head Country Club.

The club raised the money through its Bull and Oyster Roast, golf tournament at Fountain Head Country Club and selling value books, Hagerstown Rotary Foundation President Neal Glessner said.

“Hagerstown Rotary Club has three primary fundraisers annually,” Glessner said. “This year was the highest grossing golf tournament in the history of our club.”

The club raised $71,018.41 overall through the fundraisers and kept $8,000 of it, Glessner said.

Club President Chris Motz said that the money given back to the club is used for various needs in the area throughout the year.


“Rotary is all about service to others and putting others above yourself,” he said before the ceremony.

A representative from each organization stood up and said what the money presented to that organization would be used for during the ceremony.

“These agencies are helping the less fortunate, or they’re helping to meet a need in the community that nobody else is meeting,” Motz said.

The checks ranged from $394 to $2,800.

Federal Little League received $2,500, which Vice President Todd Stocks said will go to replacing the scoreboard at its field off of Northern Avenue.

“It’s an electronic scoreboard that also carries a pitch count with it,” he said after the presentation. “We are delegated by Little League International as to how many pitches a child can throw in any given game, and it’ll have that reflected on the scoreboard so we can monitor that throughout the game.”

Stocks said he brought his son, Toddie Stocks, 11, who plays in the Federal Little League, to demonstrate how the money is being used.

“It’s actually pretty cool to see the pitch count,” Toddie said. “It’s pretty responsible, too.”

The Discovery Station received a grant of $2,000, which board member Leslie Hobbs said is for a new exhibit on the history of Hagerstown that the museum is starting to develop.

“The exhibit will complement exhibits on Moller Organ, C&O Canal, and even baseball in Hagerstown,” she said. “This money from the Rotary Foundation will be used to by cabinets to protect the artifacts in the exhibit on Hagerstown.”

Hobbs said that she expects the exhibit to be finished by the end of the year.

Since its inception in 1980, the Hagerstown Rotary Club has raised more than $1.6 million  for more than 120 nonprofit organizations, according to Glessner.

“There’s hardly anywhere we’re going to be able to go in this county that this club hasn’t affected,” he said.

There were 63 organizations that applied for grants this year.

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