Contracting business sweeps family together

June 16, 2013|By JULIE E. GREENE |
  • Paul Crampton III, left, Paul Crampton Jr. and Lance Crampton at a construction site at Emerald Pointe.
By Ric Dugan / Staff Photographer

FUNKSTOWN, Md — The first job Paul Crampton Jr. can remember doing for his father was sweeping and cleaning up materials such as nails at a Funkstown apartment building his father’s contracting company was building in the early 1970s.

“Anywhere he went, I went,” Crampton said of his father.

Crampton’s sons, Paul III and Lance, said they had similar first jobs with the family business.

Paul Crampton Jr., who also is mayor of Funkstown, said he was thinking recently about how lucky he is to spend his workday with his family.

“Sometimes, it works out for people, and sometimes, it doesn’t. I enjoyed being around my dad. I think the same is true for my sons,” Crampton said.

Crampton said his father also ran for mayor of Funkstown in 1976, unsuccessfully, and inspired Crampton to successfully run for town council 10 years later.

Crampton Sr., who started Paul Crampton Contractors — the family business Crampton Jr. now owns — died in 1991.

But the family tradition lives on with two of the younger Crampton’s three children. His daughter, Taryn, is not involved in the family business.

The three men are working on building up the Emerald Pointe housing development north of Hagerstown.

Paul Jr. is running the business end, Paul III is handling sales and Lance is framing the houses.

Lance Crampton, 20, said he loves being involved with the family business.

“I really enjoy what I do. It’s been a really good learning experience for me,” he said.

Paul Crampton III, 27, said it’s neat to watch his younger brother do the same things he once did, sometimes having the same questions.

Crampton III said he hopes that one day, his 5-month-old daughter, Harper, will want to learn the business.

“I certainly would like to teach her the business,” said Crampton III, vice president of sales and marketing for Paul Crampton Contractors.

All three men were around 10 years old when they started helping with the family business.

For Lance Crampton, it was sweeping out housing units so customers could walk through a clean site after construction crews finished up.

For Paul Crampton III, it was using push brooms to sweep the street at one of the South Pointe housing developments near Funkstown.

“I can remember that very vividly — on a very, very hot summer day,” Crampton III said. The street wasn’t that long, but it “felt like 100 miles long.”

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