Williamsport budget approved

residents to see water/sewer rate increases

June 10, 2013|By DAVE McMILLION |

Williamsport residents will not see a property tax rate increase in the 2013-14 fiscal year, but they will face a 6.38 percent hike in water rates and a 3 percent rise in sewer rates, under a budget passed by the Williamsport Town Council Monday night.

The town must pay a 6.38 percent water rate increase imposed by the city of Hagerstown, and the council voted to pass that onto town residents.

The town also has been hit with a 3 percent increase in its sewer rates from Washington County, which the council is also passing onto residents.

The council and Mayor James G. McCleaf II held three public hearings Monday night on the budget, and the water and sewer rate hikes.

There was little public comment during the hearings, and the six-member council voted unanimously to approve the budget and the rate increases as proposed.

“It’s basically the same budget as in previous years,” McCleaf said of the  spending plan that totals about $3.7 million.

Under the water rate hike, town residents will now pay $6.73 per 1,000 gallons of water instead of $6.33. And the sewer rate will increase from $7.61 per 1,000 gallons processed to $7.84.

Town officials used McCleaf’s water and sewer bills as examples to show how much the hikes will cost users.

Between Feb. 11 to March 13, the mayor’s water bill was $19.62, but that would increase to $20.87 under the new water rate hike increase. McCleaf’s sewer bill for the period was $23.59, but that would rise to $24.30.

The new utility rates go into effect July 1, Town Clerk and Treasurer Donald L. Stotelmyer said.

The town’s residential property tax rate of 48.5 cents per $100 of assessed value will remain unchanged in the coming fiscal year.

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