Letters to the Editor - June 8

June 08, 2013

Disease sufferer has request for smokers, businesses

To the editor:

This letter is for anyone familiar with multiple chemical sensitivity disease (MCSD) or fungal infections such as aspergillosis, histoplasmosis, etc. I acquired this sensitivity and fungus after contracting Lyme disease.

The positive side is that I am still living; the negative is that I always have to be on the lookout for chemicals in everything. For example, cigarette smoke, mold, colognes, cleaning agents and deodorizers of any kind. Your livelihood is taken away when you try to go to functions, restaurants or do your favorite thing, like dance.

I have been trying to reach others who have similar problems and advise businesses, clubs, etc., that could help us give them more of our business. Maybe a note in front of doors to smokers that ask them to stay so many feet away so people could patronize the businesses without getting sick or, even worse, possibly dying. I have lost at least six family members to lung cancer, all within the past seven years.

I left my last job due to customers’ smoking. I would have to go to the ER and get oxygen. I have a very nice car that my daughter put deodorizers in. I have to sell it. I can’t get in it. I have to screen every hotel, and I travel quite often. It would help tremendously to be able to go to dances, restaurants and many local events.

I mean no offense to smokers, it must be a terrible habit to break, but I wish they would be sensitive to our problem. I have always been a professional, with businesses of my own, and until I acquired this awful disease could do most anything. It could happen to you or to someone you love.

I urge business owners to place a sign, and a cordial one, about how many feet away from entrances people need to be to smoke. Please, do it for all of us.

J. Lushbaugh

American people deserve an unbiased press

To the editor:

A Mail Call item (June 4) that caught my attention deserves comment. A Williamsport caller was admonished for criticizing The Herald-Mail for a perceived lack of coverage with regard to recent political scandals. The gist of the comment was that The Herald-Mail is a local paper, not a national paper, and therefore is not liberal or biased if it doesn’t carry all national news.

While the Hagerstown caller has a point, their comment lost credibility in the first sentence with the use of “conservative manufactured scandals.” This type of characterization overshadows their main topic and raises the question, “what scandals?”

Was the caller talking about the Benghazi scandal, where our government did not provide enough security to our consulate there, or ignored pleas for help for the four dead Americans? Or maybe the IRS targeting conservative groups filing for tax-exempt status? Then again, the comment could be referencing the A.G’s office snooping on AP reporters’ phone records. What about the A.G’s. office targeting Fox News reporter James Rosen and his parents  phone records, while claiming he was a federal criminal co-conspirator? Which of these scandals were manufactured? Or maybe there are other scandals that I missed, which were not covered by The Herald-Mail.

The caller also lost credibility when they admitted that you “get enough of that kind of stuff on Fox News, National Review and all these other talk radio shows.” Is this an admission that other news organizations not mentioned do not cover any negative liberal controversial topics?

The American people deserve an unbiased press that reports all the news, regardless of any political implications. Let the bias remain with the commentators/pundits.

Ronald F. Moats

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