Duvinage sells excess inventory due to purchase of Ohio stair manufacturer

June 07, 2013|By CALEB CALHOUN |
  • Nannette Guerin, left, of Chula Vista, Cal., and her sister-in-law, Florence Guerin, of Greencastle, shop for a spiral stair case with sales associate Paul Rhodes at the Duvinage Spiral and Circular Stairs company during a sale Friday in Hagerstown.
By Colleen McGrath / Staff Photographer

Lift baskets, staircases and steel were sold at discount prices Friday at a factory sale held by stair-manufacturer Duvinage in Hagerstown.

Excess products and items the company was not using at its location at 60 W. Oak Ridge Drive were available for sale.

“We have a variety of components and various odds and ends that have been in the shop for many years,” Duvinage President Bob Maruszewski said. “They might be discounted 50 or 60 percent from their original cost.”

Maruszewski said the excess inventory sale was due to the company’s purchase of an Ohio stair manufacturer, Sharon Stairs, in 2012 and the transfer of its equipment.

The area where the sale was held eventually will be used as a staging area for the products once they are completed.

“We want to make room for our new production line and our new products and our new inventory,” he said. “As we manufacture, we have to hold the shipment until we get a full tractor-trailer load, so we need this whole space here for holding the completed production until the tractor-trailer comes and picks it all up.”

The primary products sold at the sale were 12 to 15 JLG lift baskets and their components that the company stopped manufacturing about three years ago, Maruszewski said.

“We’ve been slowly selling some of the inventory to other people that manufacture the product, but we got to a point where we need the space, and it wasn’t doing us any good to be here,” he said.

“We just wanted to have a sale of the excess JLG inventory, plus the old stair parts and a variety of other components that have been here for a long time that somebody else could use and were not of a benefit to us.”

Screws, nuts, and bolts were also for sale, as well as old computers and printers. Steel was sold in another part of the building.

Customers showed up at the sale looking for a variety of products.

Dale Price of Keedysville said he was there just to browse.

“I’m looking for nothing in particular, but I heard that they have scrap metal material and small machinery,” he said. “Anything could be appealing.”

Price, 47, said that he owns a farm and is always on the lookout for tools that might be useful.

“It takes time and labor on the farm,” he said. “We’re constantly upgrading and adding, and the reason I stopped in is because you never know what kind of tools you’ll find that help your projects.”

Florence Guerin of Greencastle, Pa., was looking for a spiral staircase that she could use in her house, which is being remodeled.

“It was cool seeing what they have,” Guerin, 78, said. “There’s an availability of things that you might not normally see in a retail market.”

Guerin was accompanied by her sister-in-law, Nannette Guerin, 80, who lives outside San Diego, Çalif.

“The choices here are amazing,” she said. “I’ve never been to a place that sells spiral staircases.”

Duvinage has manufactured spiral, circular, and straight staircases since 1895. Its products are in the White House and the National Gallery of Art, according to its website at

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