Letters to the Editor - May 19

May 19, 2013

No right to speed through school zones

To the editor:

I am surprised at how many people think they have a constitutional right to speed through school zones. In the few last weeks, several writers have voiced their displeasure at having to pay speeding fines for this previously “routine” behavior.  Mostly, they justify their careless and unsafe actions on the grounds that a heartless mechanical Robocop has caught them (on camera and red handed) and is completely uninterested in their flimsy excuses.

They cry that their constitutional rights have been violated. They wail that now they have to “push” their car past schools to comply with the law and avoid cruel and inhuman punishment at the hands of “Skynet” and its evil “Terminators.”

Apparently, they think that humans are no longer in control. And they conveniently ignore the fact that “Robocop” allows them an extra 12 mph over the limit.

Finally, in an apparent attempt to shift blame, they imply that this is all a “big government” plot to fleece them of their hard-earned wages. It’s not a public safety issue, it’s not their fault!

Give me a break. First, driving is not a right it is a privilege so that argument is moot.

Second, I’ll bet that a conversation with the complainer’s guardian angels would reveal that school zones are not the only place they speed.

Finally, I’ll also bet the complainers are the same people calling for longer jail sentences, speedier executions, and government accountability — always good when applied to others.

Larry Zaleski

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