Middletown couple donate dream home to champion high school sports group

Middletown Couple Donate Dream Home

April 29, 2013|BY Raychel Harvey-Jones

A Maryland couple have donated a dream house to raise funds for the high school they attended and loved.

Mark and Donna Gaver of Middletown, Maryland credit the discipline and team work they experienced through high school sport to their success of today. They’re raffling off a house to help raise an additional one million dollars toward the renovation of their hometown high school stadium in Middletown, Maryland.

The house, aptly named “Middletown Dream Home” boasts four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and a two-car garage. The home is located in a safe and low key neighbourhood in Middletown, Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C, where high school sports are a significant part of the town’s culture.

Mark and Donna Gaver, alumni and former athletes at Middletown High School, are helping to provide the solution to Middletown High’s stadium’s ageing flaws.  “The stadium has some of the worst seating and bathroom facilities,” said Mark Gaver, a longtime Sports Club member.  “The bleachers do not meet code, there’s no handicapped accessible bathrooms and there are only four bathroom fixtures.  Based on current code, we would need over 40 fixtures.”


The raffle, which is sponsored by the Middletown High School Sports Club, aim in part to pay-off their existing loan and raise funds towards their continuing renovation project. "Currently there are only 2 bathrooms to service a stadium that can potentially hold 3,500 people," said Keith Powell, President of the middletown high school sports group. Built in 1974, the stadium has showcased numerous state championships in track and field, cross-country, girls and boys soccer and football.  

"There is also more seating on the visitor side than there is on the home side," Powell added.

A previous facelift saw the field replaced with FieldTurf®, a new scoreboard and a sound system were installed.

The  Sports Club hopes to sell 15,000 tickets at $100 each between now and the raffle drawing on June 13th, 2013 at Hollow Creek Golf Club.

To participate in the Dream Home Raffle benefitting student-athletes at Middletown High School, please call 301-371-3502 for information or visit:

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