Liquor board hears complaint about Leitersburg pub

April 03, 2013

A Leitersburg man appeared before Washington County liquor officials on Wednesday to complain about a tavern on Leitersburg’s town square.

John Thomas told the Board of License Commissioners for Washington County, known as the liquor board, that patrons of Dewey’s Pub at 21400 Leiter St. were parking in his driveway. Thomas also said the business’ Dumpster was protruding into the square.

“I’m not here to close the bar down or anything else,” Thomas said. “I’m just here over a couple of issues.”

Charles Beachley, owner of Dewey’s Pub, said he would move the Dumpster.

“If they were parking in your driveway, or blocking your driveway, I’m sorry about that,” Beachley said to Thomas.

About a dozen people attended the hearing to defend Dewey’s Pub.

Ruby Robertson said she has lived near the bar for about 40 years. She said the business has improved since Beachley bought it.


“It’s a family-oriented place ... It’s just a nice addition to Leitersburg,” she said.

The three-member liquor board said it has no jurisdiction over parking at establishments that serve alcohol.

They said Thomas would have to resolve the parking issue on his own.

“You all can get together out there and maybe find some place to have a meeting,” liquor board Chairman Robert Everhart said. “But here is not the place to do it.”

— Dan Dearth

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