Franklin County unemployment rate drops slightly

Neighboring Fulton County, Pa., also experienced a decrease in its unemployment rate

April 02, 2013

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — The opening of a new Norfolk Southern rail-truck terminal in Antrim Township, Pa., helped Franklin County’s unemployment rate improve in February.

Franklin County’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped nine-tenths of a percentage point to 6.4 percent in February, according to the latest data from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.

Neighboring Fulton County, Pa., also experienced a decrease in its unemployment rate. Its seasonally adjusted rate for February was 8.4 percent, compared to 9.7 percent in January, labor department data shows.

Franklin County gained 500 non-agricultural jobs in February. Since February 2012, jobs were up 1,400, a rate that outpaces the statewide gain of three-tenths of a percent, labor analysis states.


Of Franklin County’s new jobs, 100 of them came in the transportation, warehousing and utilities sector in February. That brought the sector to a record high of 5,300, which the labor department attributed to the opening of the Norfolk Southern facility.

“In February, Pennsylvania’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell one-tenth of a point to 8.1 percent, while the nation’s rate went down two-tenths of a point to 7.7 percent,” a labor department news release states.

Franklin County tied with Warren and Cumberland counties for the fourth lowest unemployment rate among Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. Fulton County ranked 44th.

Franklin County, Pa.
February 2013 ... 6.4 percent
January 2013 ... 7.3 percent
December 2012 ... 7.1 percent
February 2012 ... 6.3 percent

Fulton County, Pa.
February 2013 ... 8.4 percent
January 2013 ... 9.7 percent
December 2012 ... 10 percent
February 2012 ... 7.6 percent

February 2013 ... 8.1 percent
January 2013 ... 8.2 percent
December 2012 ... 7.9 percent
February 2012 ...  7.6 percent

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