Lloyd Waters: No political apathy in Ohio, Baltimore or D.C.

March 31, 2013|By LLOYD WATERS

No doubt political apathy is on the rise. More people seem to be avoiding politics and not voting these days.

Maybe we should send a committee out to Ohio to study the voting patterns of that state. Perhaps there’s a fix.

Although I didn’t read this in Leonard Pitts’ column, I did come across some news that suggested that some 19 people in Hamilton County, Ohio, cast more than one vote for their candidate of choice.

One specific poll worker might have cast some six votes for President Obama. Even a nun is suspected of casting a second vote on behalf of a dead relative.

There is no requirement to show photo identification in Ohio before voting.

Maybe there is a cure after all for political apathy. Just vote more than once.

The world is getting complicated. I remember in my military days in order to receive my paycheck, I had to show up with my ID, salute the paymaster, state my name and eight digit enlistment number before being paid.

Maybe we should try the same approach for voting, welfare
checks, cellphones and a few other areas.

Some say it’s a hardship to require someone to show an ID before voting. When people cheat at voting, shouldn’t there be a way to fix the problem? With a picture ID, at least you would have to buy a different color wig to vote more than once.

Do we need to send Jimmy Carter to Ohio to ensure the elections are not rigged like in North Korea, South America and other places?

If they found 19 abusers in Ohio, how many abusers didn’t they find?

Maybe this lady was well intended. What’s wrong with voting six times when so many others don’t even vote once?

Then there’s the lady in Baltimore with 30 cellphones. Hello, Uncle Sam!

How does one person get 30 cellphones at the taxpayers’ expense? She only has two ears.

Are these cellphone recipients voting more than once too as a “thank you” for our political friend’s kindness?

Or maybe the government’s strategy is to increase cellphone distribution and put the postman out of business.

Does one person really need 30 cellphones?

While we’re always complaining
about the rich guys, let’s add one more to the list.

His name is Carlos Slim and he’s worth about $69 billion. He happens to be the richest man in the world and as a little tidbit to that claim, reports suggests he owns controlling interest in the TracFone Co., and he makes $10 off every cell phone distributed to the poor by the government.

I don’t suspect he is a dumb rich man, because additional reports also suggest that he is a contributor to the Obama campaign chest.

By the way some of those monthly charges and fees on your phone bill that you can’t seem to decipher; well, here’s another revelation for you, those fees pay for this liberal phone program, and the costs are ever increasing.

What one person does with 30 cellphones is left for your speculation.

Maybe a way to get more
votes is to distribute more cellphones. Send us 70 for the Dargan population and maybe I can work on getting you 500 votes. No IDs required in Dargan either.

You know money can’t buy everything, but it can get you an audience with the president. According to The New York Times, Obama’s Organizing for Action group will secure you a place at the table each quarter with the president for a mere $500,000.

If I can come up with $500,000, I just might go. Might be an interesting column, and besides I’d like
to see what those contributors get for such generosity.

No political apathy problems in Ohio, Baltimore or Washington that I can tell.

Glad our system works.

Lloyd “Pete” Waters is a Sharpsburg resident who writes columns for The Herald-Mail.

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