Koelble: All-County selections lead to more gray hair

March 30, 2013
  • Tim Koelble
Tim Koelble

You know, I’ve been doing this media thing for a little time now.

Those of you that know me know my dome is bathed in gray as I continue my trek into the 60s, and I don’t mean the year.

At times I’ve done television, at times I’ve done radio, but for the most part it’s been behind the desk working in the print business.

As you know, or may not, at the end of a prep sports season a newspaper generally selects all-star teams for specific sports. It takes time putting the teams together, believe me. It’s not that you just throw names into a hat and presto.

I’ve been in situations were I was involved as a staff member giving his two cents’ worth, and also in a position where I’ve been in the lead in the selection process. Sometimes that “lead” means working with coaches, and at times it might be relying on your own judgment in the final selection.

Here at The Herald-Mail, I’ve been entrusted with the boys basketball beat since the 2008-09 season. We originally selected All-Area and All-County teams until we made the switch to just doing All-County.

This school year, I was given the girls basketball beat and the softball beat. Thanks a bunch.

At any rate, I gotta tell you this year with the boys and girls basketball teams has been the most excruciating of any year I’ve done these things. Not that I mind doing them, but the mental anguish has been unreal.

Just ask my colleagues and they’ll tell you they were probably ready to say, “Shut up and make up your mind.”

I hounded them for their opinions — Geben or Obi and Dickson or Stewart as the top boy and girl players; Rayfield or Hartman and Naylor or Connelly as the boys and girls coaches.

Honestly, it’s the first time I can ever remember there not being a 100 percent clear-cut choice, but anyone who knows me knows I do not favor awards that have “Co-” attached to it.

So, after pestering any number of people for opinions and pretty much following my original instincts, I was able to come to a conclusion that you read about Saturday and today in The Herald-Mail.

I’m sure there will be dissenters who disagree with the final decisions that have been made. But I’m totally confident that there will be far more basketball fans who are in agreement.

But at least I know one thing. While my head of hair got more gray, I haven’t lost it. I’m way ahead of Daniel Kauffman in that respect.

Tim Koelble is a staff writer for The Herald-Mail. He can be reached at 301-791-7376 or by email at

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