Letters to the Editor - March 17

March 17, 2013

Lincoln most certainly would not be a Democrat

To the editor:

Screenwriter Tony Kushner, for the movie “Lincoln,” and Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of the book “Team of Rivals,” on which the movie was based, suggested that if Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he would be a Democrat. I found those comments amusing in that under Lincoln’s watchful eye, Congress enacted more economically significant legislation than had any of its predecessors and maybe more than most of its successors.

Art Callaham ended his column Sunday (March 10) on presidents by writing, “Perhaps to write that Lincoln saved our union as we know it today says it all.” Respectfully, I would suggest it does not say it all. President Lincoln had an uncanny ability to see the future and wisely used the federal government as a catalyst to move our nation toward that vision.

Lincoln was a believer in economic freedom. He was morally opposed to slavery, but he also opposed it because he believed every person was entitled to the fruits of their labors, and that no one had a nonreciprocated claim to the fruits of the labors of others. He viewed slavery and any nonreciprocated claim as theft.

Secondly, Lincoln believed that every person should climb as far up the economic ladder as their talents might take them. He pressed Congress to pass the Homestead Act, granting title to 160 acres to anyone who would settle on it and farm it for five years, thus reinforcing the link between work and prosperity. President Lincoln recognized the economic and wealth generation potential of our vast energy resources. He unleashed the development of the large agricultural resources west of the Mississippi by assuring the Transcontinental Railroad was fairly built.

There is a lot more to Lincoln’s economic legacy, including creation of the Department of Agriculture, Morrill Land Grant College Act, False Claims Act, National Bank and more. I believe strongly that the president who said “that some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise” would again champion economic liberty under the Republican banner and that things would be very different in the United States today.

However, there are two things on which I believe we all can agree:

1. No one of Lincoln’s caliber has applied for the job in a while.

2. President Lincoln always enjoyed a good joke and undoubtedly would get quite a chuckle out of being told of the rumor he might become a member of a radically liberal party whose cornerstones are collectivism and wealth redistribution.

Russ Weaver

Obama has created a ‘confusion bubble’

To the editor:

A recent letter to the editor referred to an “information bubble” that conservatives have created to prevent them from “examining information outside that bubble.” It is unfortunate that progressives cannot understand what the present administration is all about. The president has created his own “confusion bubble” to purposely mislead the American voter.

We must look at the personality with which we are dealing in our twice-elected president. When he said that he was “going to transform America,” we should have taken him at his word. I think he believes that America has accomplished great wealth to the detriment of the rest of the world, and that we are undeserving of our success because it has been obtained by taking resources and treasure from other countries.

Thus, he and his advisers have a plan to downsize America through a redistribution of wealth and making the people entirely dependent on the federal government. This is done through increasing selected taxation and regulation on the private sector and numerically enlarging federal sector employment and its cost. It is a plan that has evolved out of the mind of a  narcissist and is being done surreptitiously to “uplift the middle class.”

I don’t believe the president has any interest in doing anything about the national debt and the looming national  insolvency. The ultimate crisis will occur when the borrowing ability of America comes to a halt and the dollar is rendered worthless. Then, the country will become ripe for a transformation into socialism.

Ned A. Garrett

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