Candidates file for Pa. primary election

March 12, 2013

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — The following were among those who filed papers by Tuesday’s 4:30 p.m. deadline to run for office in Franklin County, Pa. Names are listed by party in the order in which they registered.
Pennsylvania’s primary election will be May 21. The municipal election is Nov. 5.

County Treasurer
David M. Secor, R, incumbent, 1205 Ragged Edge Road, Chambersburg

Antrim Township Supervisor
Richard Baer, R, incumbent, 14175 Rocking M. Lane, Greencastle

Chambersburg Area School Board
Region 1
Dana R. Baker, cross-filed, 9533 Cumberland Highway, Orrstown
Dean A. Horst, cross-filed, 724 Tristan Trail, Chambersburg
Region 3
Robert A. Floyd Jr., cross-filed, 6852 St. Annes Drive, Fayetteville
Kris Scritchfield, cross-filed, 1640 Anthony Highway, Chambersburg
Region 4
Carl Barton, cross-filed, incumbent, 1505 Springview Circle, Chambersburg
Region 6
Edward S. Norcross, cross-filed, 2568 Echo Springs Road, Chambersburg

Chambersburg Borough Council
First Ward
Allen B. Coffman, R, incumbent, 112 Pennsylvania Ave., Chambersburg
Second Ward
John Huber, R, incumbent, 234 S. Coldbrook Ave., Chambersburg
John (Sean) A. Scott II, D, 473 E. Liberty St., Chambersburg
Third Ward
Louisa Cowles, D, 535 Oak St., Chambersburg
Harold W. “Bill” Fosnot Jr., R, 116 Lantern Lane, Chambersburg
Fourth Ward
Jeremy Cate, D, 75 W. Queen Street, Chambersburg
Fifth Ward
Kenneth Gill, R, 631 Wallace Ave., Chambersburg
Heath Talhelm, D, incumbent, 840 Brandon Drive, Chambersburg

Chambersburg Mayor
Darren Brown, R, 916 S. Fifth St., Chambersburg
Peter Lagiovane, D, incumbent, 610 Wallace Ave., Chambersburg
Eugene C. Rideout, D, 424 W. Loudon Street, Chambersburg

Fannett-Metal School Board
Phyllis N. Eckenrode, cross-filed, incumbent, 18398 Path Valley Road, Dry Run
James Junkin, cross-filed, incumbent, 17608 Hill Road, Willow Hill
Von P. McGee, cross-filed, incumbent, 15947 Path Valley Road, Spring Run
Jeffrey Metcalfe, cross-filed, incumbent, 15674 Amberson Road, Spring Run
Sue Rosenberry, cross-filed, 6775 Path Valley Road, Fannettsburg
James Sulfare Jr., cross-filed, 14125 Mountain Green Road, Willow Hill

Fannett Township Supervisor
George Rotz, R, 20602 Path Valley Road, Dry Run
Dan Shaffer, R, 24173 Path Valley Road, Concord

Greencastle-Antrim School Board
Lura A. Hanks, R, 8991 Kline Drive, Greencastle
Brian J. Hissong, R, incumbent, 4138 Fletcher Drive, Greencastle
Ronald Powers, D, 504 N. Allison Street, Greencastle

Greencastle Borough Council
Charles R. Eckstine, R, incumbent, 64 Williamson Ave., Greencastle
Craig D. Myers, R, incumbent, 165 E. Walters Ave., Greencastle
Larry Faight, D, 137 N. Ridge Avenue, Greencastle
Matthew D. Smith, R, incumbent, 530 N. Allison St., Greencastle

Greencastle Mayor
Robert E. Eberly, R, incumbent, 85 Homestead Drive, Greencastle

Greene Township Supervisor
Shawn M. Corwell, R, 478 Allen Drive, Chambersburg

Guilford Township Supervisor
Mark A. Bumbaugh, R, 1660 Anthony Highway, Chambersburg
Chris A. Bender, R, 311 Pine Drive, Fayetteville
Ted Bittinger, R, 1374 Stanley Ave. Extended, Chambersburg
Donald Clapper, R, 5237 Kaiser Lane, Chambersburg

Hamilton Township Supervisors
Randall E. Negley, R., incumbent, 1884 Crottlestown Road, Chambersburg

Letterkenny Township Supervisor
Larry G. Horn, R, incumbent, 10352 Mountain Road, Chambersburg

Lugan Township Supervisor
George F. Durf Jr., R, 7889 Roxbury Road, Shippensburg
Norman Appleby, R, 8041 Otterbein Church Road, Newburg

Magisterial District Judge 39-3-04
Todd R. (T.R.) Williams, R, incumbent, 9735 Alvin Drive, Shippensburg
Ginger Rowe, R, 624 Wile Circle, Fayetteville

Mercersburg Borough Council
Julie Barthalow, R, 25 E. Grandview Ave., Mercersburg
Donald E. Stoner Jr., R, incumbent, 119 S. Park Ave., Mercersburg
Thomas Suddeth, D, incumbent, P.O. Box 101, Mercersburg

Mercersburg Mayor
Anthony W. Frisby, R, 28 W. Seminary St., Mercersburg
Jeremy C. Jones, R, 24 N. Main St., Mercersburg

Metal Township Supervisor
Anna H. Swailes, R, incumbent, 19056 Swailes Road, Willow Hill

Mont Alto Borough Council
Earl W. McCleaf Jr., R, incumbent, 123 Walnut St., Mont Alto
Shannon Strizziere, R, incumbent, 277 Verdier St., Mont Alto

Montgomery Township Supervisor
Gregory A. Weller, R, incumbent, 12721 Fort Loudon Road, Mercersburg

Orrstown Borough Council
Richard D. Miller Jr., R, 3508 Orrstown Road, Orrstown
Rhonda J. Rowles, R, 3511 Orrstown Road, Orrstown

Orrstown Borough Mayor
Michael Shawn Richardson, D, P.O. Box 265 Shippensburg

Peters Township Supervisor
John Brake, R, incumbent, 7117 Renninger Road, Mercersburg
Roger A. Blattenberger, R, 4334 Fort Loudon Road, Mercersburg
Mark D. Mellott, R, 3684 Lemar Road, Mercersburg

Quincy Township Supervisor
Edward Wilson, R, 11610 South Mountain Road, Fayetteville
Robert Gunder, R, incumbent, 8292 Mentzer Gap Road, Waynesboro

Shippensburg Area School Board
Herb Cassidy, cross-filed, 10050 McCreary Road, Shippensburg

Shippensburg Borough Council
Sue Fisher, R, 610 Westover Road, Shippensburg

Shippensburg Mayor
Bruce Hockersmith, D, incumbent, 304 W. King Street, Shippensburg

Southampton Township Supervisor
Greg Richardson, R, 347 Bradley Lane, Shippensburg
Steven P. Wolfe, R, 8215 Scenic Drive, Shippensburg

St. Thomas Township Supervisor
Randy Shindle, D, 6072 Valley Camp Rd., St. Thomas

Tuscarora School District
Larry E. Funk, cross-filed, incumbent, 6021 Hager Road, Greencastle
Erich Hawbaker, cross-filed, incumbent, 125 Linden Ave., Mercersburg
Allen Piper, R, 1438 Hade Road, Chambersburg
Angela Troupe, cross-filed, 20 W. Fairview Ave., Mercersburg

Warren Township Supervisor
Donald Keefer Jr., D, 11125 Sylvan Dr., Mercersburg
Ronald L. Stevens Sr., R, incumbent, 19061 Fort Davis Road, Mercersburg
John W. Ressler, R, incumbent, 12930 Forge Road, Mercersburg

Washington Township Supervisor
C. Stewart McCleaf Sr., R, 11953 Greenridge Drive, Waynesboro
Elaine A. Gladhill, R, incumbent, 14547 Carrosmar Farm Road, Waynesboro

Waynesboro Area School Board
North End
Leland Lemley, cross-filed, incumbent, 5960 Milky Way, Waynesboro
Washington Township
Chris Lind, cross-filed, incumbent, 10998 Longwood Drive, Waynesboro
Borough of Waynesboro
Bonnie K. Bachtell, cross-filed, incumbent, 321 W. Eighth St., Waynesboro
Erin Darrough, R, 145 S. Broad St., Waynesboro

Waynesboro Borough Council
First Ward
Wayne Driscoll, R, incumbent, 13 Pen Mar, Waynesboro
Second Ward
Jason Stains, R, incumbent, 318 Commerce St., Waynesboro
Third Ward
Delmos Oldham, R, 549 W. Eighth St., Waynesboro

Waynesboro Mayor
Richard A. Starliper, R, incumbent, 46 W. Third St., Waynesboro

Warren Township Referendum Question:
Do you favor the issuance of licenses to conduct small games of chance in the township of Warren, County of Franklin?

Montgomery Township Referendum Question:
Do you favor the granting of liquor licenses for the sale of liquor in the Township of Montgomery?

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