Deputy discusses speed enforcement at Funkstown meeting

March 11, 2013

FUNKSTOWN — Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy 1st Class Alan Matheny told Funkstown officials Monday night that there weren’t enough speeders on Baltimore Street to warrant a full-fledged speeding enforcement detail.

However, Matheny said deputies who work overtime and through the day will be asked to provide some “aggressive speed enforcement” for the town.

Funkstown officials have been trying to get some help with speeding through town.

After a resident expressed concerns about speeding on the town’s main road, Baltimore Street, at the mayor and town council’s December meeting, town officials talked about the possibility of getting traffic cameras.

According to minutes from the town’s February meeting, Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. said he checked into the possibility of speed cameras, but they are not allowed because they are to be used within a school zone. Crampton was not at Monday night’s meeting.

The sheriff’s office placed a 24-hour speed recorder in front of Town Hall, on Baltimore Street, a couple of months ago, Matheny said after Monday night’s meeting. The black-box recorder recorded speeds for about two days, he said.

Town officials asked Matheny for speed enforcement on Stouffer Avenue as well. Stouffer Avenue is a cut-through road from Edgewood Drive to Baltimore Street.

Matheny said the sheriff’s office also could place a speed trailer in town if Funkstown officials want it. The trailer would sit alongside the traffic lanes and educate drivers about their speed. If a vehicle was going above the speed limit, the electronic sign would flash the speed in red to get the driver’s attention, he said.

— Julie E. Greene

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