Williamsport man sentenced to 11 years in state prison in kidnapping case

March 11, 2013|By DON AINES |
  • Jeremy Shane Keadle
Jeremy Shane Keadle

A Williamsport man who entered an Alford plea in the 2012 kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend outside The Improved Order of Red Men Club was sentenced Monday in Washington County Circuit Court to 11 years in state prison.

Jeremy Shane Keadle, 31, formerly of 247 E. Potomac St. in Williamsport, entered the plea in December in exchange for other charges, including carjacking, robbery, theft, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, false imprisonment and stalking, being dismissed.

Under an Alford plea, a defendant is not admitting guilt, but is acknowledging that the state has sufficient evidence to gain a conviction.

Judge M. Kenneth Long Jr. sentenced Keadle to 30 years in prison, suspending all but 11 years. State’s Attorney Charles Strong had asked for a 12-year prison sentence.

Keadle’s ex-girlfriend was working at the club on Lappans Road on April 1, 2012, when Keadle, who was hiding in bushes, forced her into her vehicle and drove off, charging documents said.

Two people called Washington County 911 to report the incident.

“Some guy took off with one of my bartenders and he won’t let her out of the car, and he’s trying to get away with her” a woman caller told one dispatcher. “It’s Jeremy Keadle that’s got her ... He attacked her and pulled her in the van.”

A deputy in the area found Keadle assaulting the woman outside the van, which was parked along the Interstate 81 southbound ramp near Williamsport. When the deputy stopped, Keadle got into the van through an open window, which he then closed.

The deputy used a baton to break out the window as Keadle tried to put the van in drive. The deputy pointed his gun at Keadle and ordered him to keep his hands on the steering wheel.

When Keadle removed his hands from the steering wheel, the deputy used a stun gun to subdue him.

The victim remains in contact with Keadle, calling him frequently at the Washington County Detention Center, Assistant Public Defender Carl Creeden told Long.

Keadle also came from a dysfunctional home, Creeden said.

“I made some real poor decisions,” Keadle told Long. He said that, in the time leading up to the incident, he lost an uncle to cancer, his father had cancer and he lost his job.

“You really did basically have to raise yourself,” Long said, referring to the presentence report. However, Long told him his actions that night were very serious.

“You say you don’t remember much of what happened,” Long said. The judge reminded Keadle that when the deputy arrived, he was seen beating the woman.

Keadle will have to serve half his sentence before he is eligible for parole, said Long, who gave Keadle 343 days credit for time served since his arrest.

The victim in this case also was a victim in another case of domestic violence. On Jan. 24, 2008, Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Maryland State Police went to a Williamsport home where the woman had been struck, choked and threatened with a knife by Rodney Wolfe.

Wolfe, formerly of Maugansville, was originally sentenced to 17 years, but appealed the sentence, which was later reduced to 10 years.

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