Boonsboro High students excel at physics olympics

March 04, 2013

Under the tutelage of physics teacher Ralph von Philp, Boonsboro High School was one of the most competitive high schools at the Central Maryland Physics competition Feb. 23 at Liberty High School in Carroll County, Md.

The competition centered around a “Hunger Games” theme, and encompassed six events that tested the physics and engineering capabilities of students.

The events:

 In the “Physical Cliff” event, teams were required to engineer a landing pad for eggs dropped from about 4 meters without breaking.

 In the “Reaping,” teams were required to solve a series of difficult physics problems.

 In the “Fishing,” teams were required to construct boats to carry the most weight without capsizing or sinking.

 In the “Plank,” teams were required to leverage the greatest weight at the greatest distance.

 In “Cornucopia Projectile,” teams were required to shoot a small projectile the longest distance across the gymnasium.

 In “Mockingjay,” teams were required to construct paper airplanes that would travel the longest distance with the largest wingspan.

The Boonsboro “A” team of Mark Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Tess Angle, Paul Previti, Julia Horst and Alli Hawbaker placed second out of the 52 teams competing.

The Boonsboro “E” team of Samantha Smith, Sebastian Walton, Nick Dougherty, Mark Leadingham and Aaron George placed fourth overall.

The Boonsboro “D” team of Seth Greenbaum, David George, Daniil Gribok, Steven Kurapaty, Rami Yanes and Mike Lacey placed first in the Physical Cliff and Cornucopia Projectile events, as well as ninth overall.

The Boonsboro “B” team of Sasha Margob, Jake Hughes, Sarah Anderson, Maggie Sullivan, Frank Liao and Pricilla Bushko placed first in the Plank event.

The Boonsboro “C” team of Nick Zielinski, Michael Carroll, Tom Kersting, Kyle Hobbs, Brian Day and Rebecca Bushko also made a good showing.

No other high school in Maryland placed that many teams so highly or won so many individual events. 

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