Man in Franklin County (Pa.) Court facing extradition to Puerto Rico

Carlos Baez-Quinonez is facing homicide charges in that commonwealth

January 31, 2013|By JENNIFER FITCH |

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — A man arrested last year by the U.S. Marshals Service is facing extradition to Puerto Rico, but not on the homicide warrant on which he was apprehended.

Carlos Baez-Quinonez, who was 24 when arrested in May 2012, appeared in the Franklin County (Pa.) Court of Common Pleas on Thursday before Senior Judge John Walker.

Walker ordered Baez-Quinonez be extradited to Puerto Rico on a parole violation warrant issued by that commonwealth. He said the defendant has 30 days to appeal his ruling.

“If you don’t appeal in 30 days, (Pennsylvania) will notify the Puerto Rican authorities to come and pick him up,” Walker said to Baez-Quinonez’s public defender.


Last week, Baez-Quinonez was in Judge Shawn Meyers’ courtroom regarding a separate warrant. That one, also issued in Puerto Rico, charged the defendant with homicide.

Meyers ruled Baez-Quinonez should be discharged from detention on the criminal homicide warrant because he has been incarcerated for almost a year without authorities from Puerto Rico proceeding with that case.

“They have underlying issues with the prosecution that makes it hard to proceed,” said David Rahauser, an assistant district attorney for Franklin County.

Baez-Quinonez remained in the Franklin County Jail on the parole violation.

It was unclear what will happen to the criminal homicide charge and related firearms offenses. Rahauser said he did not know what Meyers’ decision meant for the warrant, and a message to the Departmento de Justicia in Puerto Rico was not immediately answered.

Authorities allege Baez-Quinonez and two other suspects shot and killed Angel Fuentes-Rodriguez inside an apartment in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, according to a May 24, 2012, news release from the U.S. Marshals Service.

The other two suspects, who were not named, were already in custody, the news release stated.

“Information was developed that Baez-Quinonez may be hiding out in Pennsylvania,” the news release stated.

Baez-Quinonez was taken into custody without incident at a home in the 100 block of Queen Street in Chambersburg. The Chambersburg Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office joined the Marshals in making the arrest.

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