Hagerstown businessman wants to start Tipsy Taxi service

Mike Deming, owner of Demcore Development, said the round-trip cost would be $20 and serve a 15-mile radius from downtown Hagerstown

January 31, 2013|By DAN DEARTH |
  • In this 2008 file photo, Mike Deming, President of Demcore Development is shown with one of his Downtown Taxi cabs. Deming wants to start a Tipsy Taxi service to cut down on the number of drunk drivers.
Herald-Mail file photo

A Hagerstown businessman would like to start a Tipsy Taxi service to help keep intoxicated drivers off the road.

Mike Deming, owner of Demcore Development, told the Board of License Commissioners for Washington County on Wednesday that for a $20 fee, the taxi service would pick up customers at their homes, drive them to a destination in Hagerstown, then take them home at the end of the night.

He said the business would serve a 15-mile radius from downtown Hagerstown, including Boonsboro, Clear Spring, southern Pennsylvania and parts of West Virginia.

“It’s a huge base as far as customers,” Deming said. “What we’re finding is that a lot of people we’re transporting today came from those areas into town.”

Deming, who already owns transportation companies in Hagerstown, said the main goal of Tipsy Taxi is to cut down on the number of drunken drivers.


“Our intent is to keep (intoxicated) people safely off the roads,” Deming said.

He said he wants to start a toll-free telephone number for clients to call. One of the catches, he said, is that the service won’t drive customers around after they arrive at their destination.

“What we will not do is transport them in between multiple facilities,” he said.

Deming told the liquor board that he has been trying to secure grant money from the Maryland State Highway Administration to help pay for the service.

He said he scheduled Wednesday’s hearing with the liquor board, in part, to keep them informed.

“I’m just looking for your support in some way, I don’t know what that means yet — certainly not financial or anything like that,” Deming said.

He said he intends to schedule another meeting with the liquor board when he gets further along in the process.

If everything goes as planned, Deming said he would like to start the service in a few months.

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