Mail Call - Jan. 31

January 30, 2013

“Sounds like Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey should be ready to switch party affiliation from Republican to Democrat, for his liberal stance on some of his political issues. With the media and press’ backing, his chances of becoming a winner would greatly improve.”
— Sharpsburg

“This is to the person in Friday, Jan. 19 Mail Call, about the baseball stadium, that under the current council it is not going to happen. Why do you think they have called in outside developers to encourage new ideas for the revitalization of downtown? How sure are you that this council could not be swayed, and it be built?”
— Williamsport

“I have a question for all the old folks out there. I think we ought to start, get a petition up. How come the Electric Light Orchestra is not in the Hall of Fame, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Why is that? Back in the ’70s and early ’80s, they were the second-best group out there, had all kinds of No. 10 hits.”
— Hagerstown

“Another lying sports figure — and our kids are supposed to look up to these people? I don’t think so.”
— Halfway

“My call is in concern of the inauguration for the president to be sworn back in. Instead of us wasting all this money for the president to be sworn back in, why couldn’t they, since this is the second term, put that money on the debt that the country owes, instead of spending it all on that?”
— Keedysville

“Consider not short-clipping or shaving your dog in the winter months. It’s their natural coat that keeps them insulated from the cold. Also, try not to let your dog walk on hardened snow or ice. It’s sharp, and it can cut the pads on their paws. If you clip your dog ... consider a puppy cut, and still put a coat on your dog.”
— Clear Spring

“The press and talking heads on TV would have you think that the country will collapse if the debt ceiling is not increased, and they want you to think the negotiations are something new. Well, neither is true. Bumping heads has always been the way business was done in Washington, and in the end, it gets done. I like to watch good movies and comedy shows for a good laugh.”
— Waynesboro, Pa.

“Does anyone know of a GPS device that would help lazy shoppers find the cart corral?”
— Boonsboro

“On the media-manufactured gun control ‘controversy,’ here’s a quote sometimes attributed to one Thomas Jefferson, noted extremist: ‘When the people fear their government it is tyranny. When the government fears the people it is liberty.’ Think about it, boys and girls — while you are able.”
— Hancock

“Idea: How about putting a tax on violent and sexually explicit movies and video games? The money from these taxes would go to support mental health and sexual abuse programs. Imagine a $4 tax per ticket because of the level of violence shown. Hollywood would so love this.”
— Warfordsburg, Pa.

 “Government wants to stop spending. Fire the Congress and the Senate, have ... three people for the Senate, three people for the Congress, let the people vote on it, and let the people vote on all policies.”
— Hagerstown

“What a nation we are. Twenty-six people get massacred at an elementary school, that’s headlines for a couple weeks, now all anybody cares about is a college football player who got scammed online about some kind of alleged relationship; and Lance Armstrong, a multimillionaire. What’s the big deal, as far as news stories? These last two aren’t news stories, they’re just things that happened to people. But everybody forgot, evidently, about Newtown, Conn. Those people are still suffering.”
— Hagerstown

“I think that the federal extension on unemployment is a good act, but with the state charging taxes on that money, that should be made illegal, because it is the federal government, therefore — and it’s a very small amount and most people are hurting right now, but yet the state wants more and more and more, but they’re doing less and less. I think that the state should not tax federal extension for unemployment.”
— Hagerstown

“To enlist the cooperation of Congress for the good of our country, we need to have term limits, and alternate the seating; one Democrat, one Republican, instead of being separated by an aisle.”
— Huyetts

“I see in the paper that everybody’s pushing about downtown improvements, yet there’s not one sign on the interstate saying which exit you take to go downtown. And also on the County Commuters, there’s not one bus that has the word, ‘Downtown.’ So if you don’t know anything about the buses and you wanted to go downtown, there’s no way to know, and where the transfer center is. If we’re going to push downtown, we need to identify it — although I’m not sure it’s worth the money.”

“I’m calling in regard to a column by George Michael. He is seriously distorting the Medicare funding. The taxes paid by employees and employers into the Medicare fund are placed in a trust fund, which is invested in the U.S. Treasury bonds ... more money in Medicare system, due to the interest accrual on the amount paid by the employer and employee, than the original contributions, and that should be made clear.”
— Washington County

“Everybody wants to know how bad the city of Hagerstown has gotten. I see a restaurant’s closing, in the paper today. You cannot charge 50 cents to park your car to go in to get a sandwich and a cup of coffee at a restaurant. No wonder there’s no restaurants downtown. No matter what you do when you go down there, you can figure on spending a dollar to a dollar and a half. They want business downtown, let them ... drop the cost of parking your vehicle downtown, so people will go down there to buy stuff and see stuff.”
— Hagerstown

“My car was hit Jan. 9 in the parking lot at Meritus Medical Center. I want to thank the good citizen who got tag number, make and model, and reported to security. I am so thankful for your good deed.”
— Williamsport

“Well, today began another four years of lost hope for the working people. Have you noticed our taxes went up?”
— Williamsport

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