Fairplay Fire Co. Task Force recommendations

January 30, 2013

Following is a verbatim list of the recommendations included in the final report and recommendations of the Fairplay Area Emergency Services Task Force.

The Task Force hereby recommends that Fairplay Volunteer Fire Company be reinstated pending the successful completion of the following:

1. That the Volunteer Fire Company of District #12, once reactivated, be placed on a 24-month probationary period with the expectation that all of the requirements/recommendation continue to be accurately and currently maintained.

2. That during the first six months of the 24-month period all calls for service are dispatched as per current procedure, first to the surrounding company closest to the incident and at the same time to Fairplay Community Volunteer Fire Company.

3. That an evaluation at the end of six months would be conducted by a committee to include the current Task Force enlarged through the recommendations by the WC VFRA to include four additional Washington County fire companies, to measure performance and make necessary recommendations as needed.


4. At the end of the total 24 months WC DES, WC VFRA and any appointed committee or other county-appointed entity will evaluate the performance and make a report to the BOCC as to the performance and ability of CVFC #12 to continue operations. 

5. That a comprehensive plan be completed by the company and that recommendations presented within this final report be completed to the satisfaction of the BOCC before they are allowed to return to service, to ensure they are adequately prepared for and can meet the needs of their district.

6. That a letter from the Association stating that CVFC #12 meets all the requirements currently listed in the WC VFRA bylaws as  required for all members be completed. lt would include but not be limited to a listing of all individuals that are considered insurable under the current Workers Compensation policy. [Editor’s Note: “CFVF” from the original document, was changed to the corrected “CVFC”]

7. That the company evaluate the current structure, personalities and officers to hopefully develop a more receptive and inviting atmosphere in which to accomplish their duties and responsibilities to the community they serve.

8. That a complete set of SOPs/SOGs be completed on company letterhead and annotated as to date of approval, prior to reinstatement.

9. That a comprehensive long-term plan be developed and presented to the BOCC as to the recruitment, training and retention of enough qualified vo|unteers to assist with response rates to calls so that the public can feel confident that the company is committed to providing the proper service for all residents in their district.

10. That these 78 volunteer applications be accepted by CVFC for membership, and that these persons not be removed from membership for a period of two years (the CVFC Probationary Period), except by a majority vote of the Task Force.

11. That a review by the Secretary of State and IRS and that a letter from each agency be provided to the BOCC indicating compliance and/or improvements to be made in each of these areas by both agencies.

12. That a detailed audit be conducted prior to reinstatement.

13. That all such corrections (listed on the WC VFRA final report) be completed before reinstatement.  

14. Recommends that current levels of expertise and training of all existing fire suppression personnel be identified including but not limited to: American Heart Association training, EMS, OSHA, HazMat, NIMS, etc.

15. Recommends that a detailed outline of ongoing and future training requirements be prepared and be a part of the comprehensive plan in order to assist the company in meeting all mandated training requirements.

16. That qualified personnel be maintained and available to respond as first responders to all calls for service. 

17. That the following be completed and presented as part of the comprehensive plan:
a. Operational Officer Standards.
b. Records of training.
c. Fitness for Duty records.  
d. Electronic reporting/record keeping — can be done through FireHouse software. 
e. A listing of active fire suppression/EMS personnel vs. social personnel according to affiliation records.

18. That prior to reinstatement by BOCC that the current Company 12 administration listed above be removed and new administration be put in place.

19. That Fairplay Community Volunteer Fire Company provide EMS services along with fire suppression. If the comprehensive plan is to provide paid personnel, then wording of the mission statement needs to be rewritten to reflect both changes.

20. Recommend that Company 12 officially decide which is their current mission statement.

21. That a regular training schedule with other departments be developed and reports be included to BOCC for accountability purposes.

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