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Fairplay Fire Co.'s plan

January 30, 2013

Following is information from a Fairplay Volunteer Fire Department comprehensive plan dated Nov. 30, 2012. The cover says the plan is for reactivation and response to task force Oct. 15, 2012 draft recommendations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fairplay Volunteer Fire Department is to provide emergency protection of life, property and the environment. We will also support the community with a reasonable cost facility to rejoice and celebrate our lives with family and friends. We will achieve this by providing fire and rescue services, educating our citizens and by providing an adequate facility in which to operate.

Operational plan and guidelines

Daily Emergency Personnel Plan — After resuming operations we shall establish a Duty Officer Program. This officer will ensure there is available staffing each day. The program will be directed by the Chief and he will create a scheduling duty roster that will identify the on-duty staffing. This should insure someone will answer our emergency calls.


Qualifications for drivers — A Qualified Driver shall meet the Washington County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association Standards as follows:

Firefighter I or Protective Envelope & Foam
HazMat Operations
Fires Responder/EMT-B
Pump Operations
Blood Born Pathogens
Compliant Physical of Washington County

We have determined that we will need to utilize paid personnel as Drivers. We believe our Department has budgeted sufficient funds to meet this need. The Department will use, as a template, the other seven paid staffed Washington County Fire Department’s programs. Also, we will, with the assistance of the MSFA, apply for a Safer Grant for funds to pay said personnel.

Prior to our suspension, we established a career program similar to other departments in the County and approved by the Washington County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association’s Executive Committee. Our required insurance and payroll accounting were put into place at that time.

The daily responsibilities of the career staff shall include, but not be limited to, responding to our calls; a daily check of equipment and apparatus; a daily check of the building and its systems; completion of all required maintenance; completion of all required duties; and any other assignments as directed by the Chief.

New operational members

Assign a mentor to new members to assist them in understanding the rules, regulations and required training. Also to introduce them to fellow members, help them with training and preparing for tests. The mentors will further assist new members with keeping open lines of communications in order to facilitate a seamless integration into the membership of the Department and deal with any concerns that may arise.
New members shall complete certification of the following:

Meet required Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association Standards such as:
(a) Firefighter I
(b) CPR
(c) HazMat Ops
(d) First Responder or EMT
(e) Complete pre-ride training

A new member file will be created for training and all general information. The training officer will track each member’s training. He/she will follow up and keep the member on track to complete training in a timely manner and report to the Chief.

It is the member’s responsibility to provide any changes or new information regarding their membership in the Department. The member must be responsible to obtain recertification before the expiration of current certification(s). The training officer will support the member and track their progress in keeping all required standards current and he/she will report same to the Chief.

Annual refresher recertification of drivers to include driving, pumps, accountability and other requirements as set forth by the Chief must be completed each year.

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