Letterkenny to cut contractor workforce

January 18, 2013|By ROXANN MILLER |

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — On Friday, Letterkenny Army Depot laid off the first dozen of what will be approximately 244 contracted workers through March.

The layoffs will occur in a phased approach between January and March, a depot news release stated.

“Over the past decade Letterkenny Army Depot has utilized a contractor workforce to help accomplish temporary workload surges to meet Department of Army mission requirements. These programs are short-term in duration and require resizing of the contract workforce to match the workload requirements,” according to a release.

Lindsay Bryant, Letterkenny public affairs spokeswoman, said workers are hired knowing the job is temporary.

“Contractors are hired with the understanding that this is a temporary program that needs to get accomplished and once the program is completed they are laid off,” Bryant said.

All of the contracted workers performed work on jobs within the directorate of industrial operations at the depot, Bryant said.

Bryant said the duration of the contractor’s job depended on the type of work the contractor performed at the depot.

She didn’t know when the next group of contracted workers will be laid off.

“This isn’t affecting our civilian workforce in anyway,” Bryant said. “The depot proper is in no way affected by the (contractor) workforce cuts.”

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