Designer Bag Bingo raises money for local pageant scholarships

January 13, 2013|By DAVE McMILLION |
  • Miss Western Maryland Outstanding Teen Sara Farmer shows off a designer purse Sunday at a bingo fundraiser for two scholarship pageants. The event was held at the Women's Club in Hagerstown.
By Kevin G. Gilbert/Staff Photographer

A Designer Bag Bingo attended Sunday afternoon by about 100 people at The Women’s Club on South Prospect Street was one of a number of fundraisers the Miss Washington County/Miss Western Maryland Foundation Inc. holds for its pageant scholarships.

Players paid a $20 to $25 entrance fee, which set them up for chances to win about 27 designer bags, said Barbara Carson, president of the board of directors for Miss Washington County/Miss Western Maryland. The game was set up as a typical bingo game, except the prizes were the purses.

Some of the bags were donated and others were bought by the organization’s board of directors, Carson said.

The organization’s pageant will be Feb. 16 and more than $6,000 in scholarships is awarded, Carson said.

“This is one of many ways to come up with that money,” Carson said, adding later after the event that the total amount raised had not yet been determined

Four current title winners from the pageant modeled bags while players heard the numbers being called.

Sue Blair of Halfway was having a good day, having won a purse that contained a load of football-related goodies and a gold-colored Coach purse.

“And that’s the one I wanted. I said ‘I’m satisfied,’” said Carson, referring to the Coach purse.

Miss Washington County/Miss Western Maryland is affiliated with Miss Maryland and Miss America.

The organization that runs Miss Washington County/Miss Western Maryland dates back to 1947, when the event was referred to as Miss Hagerstown.

The name was changed to Miss Washington County in 1979 and Miss Western Maryland was added to the name in 1992.

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