Questions arise about handicap parking

January 13, 2013
  • Hadicapped Parking near the Visitor's Center in the City of Hagerstown's Central Lot.
By Yvette May/Staff Photographer

A Hagerstown resident recently submitted a question about parking options for physically disabled motorists in the City of Hagerstown, specifically asking where those with plates or placards showing they need handicap accessibility may park free of charge.

“Recently, we were able to park at any meter (for free) in Hagerstown if you had a placard and there were no handicap spaces available,” John Staley said in an email to The Herald-Mail. “Several of my friends have displayed their placard when parked at a regular meter and they have received violations resulting in fines.

“Please let us know if the rules have been changed for handicap parking in the city of Hagerstown or in the state of Maryland,” he said.

Eric Deike, manager of the city’s Public Works Department, responded by email last week, saying that disabled motorists may park in any designated handicap parking space in a public lot for free, but metered parking rates apply to all drivers.

“Parking enforcement follows the law of Maryland regarding parking and disabled drivers,” he said in an email. “The law can be found at”

According to the city’s website, “The City of Hagerstown makes it a priority to provide available and accessible disability parking to downtown residents, visitors and employees. There is designated parking for motorists with disabilities in all of our parking decks and surface lots. All parking meters meet American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and drivers with disability tags or placards are still required to pay the meter.”

Staley also asked how someone could dispute a parking violation that results in a fine.

On the city’s website, it states that those who wish to contest a parking ticket have five days from the due date of the citation to request a trial before a judge in Washington County District Court.

“You may request a trial at either the police station on Burhans Blvd. or the parking office of the Arts & Entertainment District parking deck at 25 Renaissance Way,” the website states.

In order to receive a trial, a form, which can be downloaded from the website, must be filled out, then sent to court. It also can be printed and mailed to Hagerstown’s parking supervisor, Jason Rodgers.

For more information, Rodgers can be reached by phone at 301-739-8577, ext. 479.

— Compiled by C.J. Lovelace

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